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María Cañas

Post-Capitalism by Silvia Federici (May 2020)

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland (May 2020)

Valentina Alvarado Matos

Nuria Giménez

We don’t have bodies yet: Paul B Preciado (Jan 2020)

Mike Hoolboom: Plunderer, Looter, Plagiarist by Yann Beauvais (August 2019)

The metamorphosis of body-cinema by Bruno Di Marino (Nov 2019)

Filmmaker Festival, Milan, Italy (Nov 2019)

Collage and Fear (Nov 2019)

Only a Question: Power, Education, Cinema (Nov 2019)

Shorts and Shortages (Sept 2019)

Martha and Christine Baillie

Organizing Light (Sept 2019)

The Screen Touches Back (Sept 2019)

Christine Lucy Latimer (2019)

Dad and Russia: an interview with Andrey Zakharyev (July 2019)

Festival Efebo D’Oro (Oct 2019)

Phillip Barker (2018)






























































Alena Koroleva



Happiness is Political with Vicky Moufawad-Paul and Jorge Lozano (July 2019)

Benefit of the Doubt: Rotterdam Shorts (February 2019)

Josephine Massarella

News from the South (Toronto, 2019)

I Touched Her Legs remix (7:30 minutes 2019)

Feast (6 minutes 2019)

Juliana Lobo

Adriana López Garibay

Fabulous Festival of Fringe Films (June 2019)

Remixology by Jorge Lozano (March 2019)

In Short: an interview with Maricke Nieuwdorp (January 2019)

Camilo Constain

A Space Gallery (May-June 2019)

Hazel Eye Film Festival (April 2019)

Strange Machines: The Films of Phillip Barker (Montreal+Toronto 2018)

Seduced by Spectacle – Where the Night is Going by David Finkelstein (October 2018)

Filmexplorer with Jean Perret (November 2018)

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (November 2018)

And Belonging (Winterthur, Switzerland 2018)

Pawel Wojtasik

Doclisboa Festival, Lisbon (Oct 2018)

Niagara Falls of Fear (October 2018)

A Thousand Emergencies by Jean Perret (November 2018)

Message to Man (September 2018)

Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour and Ryan Ferko

Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman (1992)

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Jorge Lozano: Reports (Ottawa+Toronto 2018)

Enemies Into Music: an interview with Jamie Dunn (April 2018)

Jorge Lozano Reports (2018)

Dennis Day

Amanda Dawn Christie

Frances Leeming (Toronto, 2018)

Elida Schogt

The Right Question (June 2018)

Ali Kazimi

Francisca Duran

Darren O’Donnell

Julieta Maria

Allyson Mitchell

Shannon Cochrane




Frida by John Berger

Frida Khalo diary






























Andrew James Paterson (Toronto, 2018)

The Invention of Us (Jan 2018)

Andrew James Paterson

Letters from Home: Khalik Allah and Nicholas Kovats (Montreal, 2018)

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope

Pulling Meaning out of the Shots – Incident Reports by David Finkelstein (October 2017)

Gregory Glyants

Vanishing Worlds (Oct 2017)

Siegfried A. Fruhauf

Carla Vestroni

Total Coverage: Chris Kennedy and Rebecca Baron (Toronto, 2017)

Chris Kennedy

redux/time/OUT OF JOINT by Caspar Stracke (Toronto, 2017)

Fats Waller and me (Sept 2017)

Notes for Rehearsals (Spring 2016)

Precious (10 minutes 1995-2017)

Scum (13 minutes 1995-2017)

Colour My World (3 minutes 2017)

Stamped from the Beginning (August 2017)

Jorge Lozano (Aug 2017)

Nicholas Kovats

Upright July 16, 2017

Leslie Supnet

Canadian Fringe Media Artist by Jitka Lanšperková (March 2017)

Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (June, 2017)

27 thoughts about my Dad (June 2017)

Clint Enns

Lesley Loksi Chan: The Storyteller (Winnipeg, 2017)

This Landscape Tells Stories: Caroline Monnet and Sky Hopinka (Toronto, 2017)

Receiving a Face – Scrapbook by David Finkelstein (March 2017)

Kika Nicolela (Toronto, 2017)

Kika Nicolela

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (April 2017)

100 Canadian Movies (April 2017)

Images Festival (Toronto, 2017)

Caroline Monnet

Lesley Loksi Chan

Fifteen (April 2017)

Documentary New Wave

John Creson and Adam Rosen

Underground (2017)

Akira Mizuta Lippit

Governor General Award Speech (March 2017)

Sincerely: Kelly O’Brien (Toronto, 2017)

Imperfect Happiness: an interview by Marta Berto (Alchemy Festival, Scotland) (February 2017)

Francesco Gagliardi

The Funnel: an interview by Chris Kennedy (January 2017)

Fragments of a Recovered Memory by Francesco Del Grosso (Dec, 2016)





Allyson Mitchell




Underground: The Funnel (Toronto, Ottawa 2017)

Illegal (Toronto, 2016)




We Make Couples by Elisa Couter (Nov. 22, 2016)

Madi Piller (Toronto, 2016)

Madi Piller (2016)

Throwing the Body (December 2016)

Form is Content: an interview with Samuel Staples (November 2016)







Madi Piller

















Curiosity: an interview with Mike Hoolboom by Matteo Marelli (November 2016)

Marcos Arriaga: Memory Trails (Toronto, 2016)

Little by Little: an interview with Mike Hoolboom by Gerry Fialka (October 2016)

Four Noble Tasks 1c: Leaving Home

Noble Task 1b: The Trauma of Everyday Life by Mark Epstein

Stephen Broomer

Marcos Arriaga

Nomination Statement by Chris Kennedy (Oct, 2016)

Artist-run centres (Sept. 2016)

Paul B. Preciado

Scrapbook by Adi Chesson (May 13, 2016)

Miriam Elia

A Refuge in which Film Can Be Reinvented: Film Festival Marseille Part 2 by Henrike Meyer (2016)

Mike Cartmell: Disasterologies (Toronto, Ottawa, 2016)




Alain De Botton

Twice Told Tales: an interview with David Davidson (July 2016)

Far From Iran (Toronto, 2016)

Disasterologies by Mike Cartmell (2016)

Kelly O’Brien

How do we hide from ourselves? June 2016

Scrapbook: an interview with Vincent Poli (June 2016)

Scrapbook: an interview with Mo Gourmelon (May 2016)

Ghost Stories: an interview by Sammy Roach (May 2016)




Becoming a mother April 2016

Taravat Khalili

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli

Brett Story

Jem Cohen

Cooking with Jorge (Toronto, 2016)

Jorge Lozano

It Is Not Somewhere Else by Grant Hutchinson

Willy LeMaitre

Josephine Massarella

Alexandra Cuesta

Steve Reich

Fluid tides by Robert Kingsbury

Alexandra Gelis

After Buddhism by Stephen Batchelor (2015)

John Porter

Making a Name (June 2015)

Scriptwriting or what do I love? (November 2015)

Calarts (November 10-13 2015)

Affections by Laura Marks (2015)

When Things Fall Apart Sept. 2015

Getting Hooked August 2015

In the Theatre by Jean Perret (2015)

New Queer Cinema (2015)

Community Notes May 2015

Mike Hoolboom at FIFA or Desperate Desires at the Centre of the Margins by Olivier Thibodeau (2015)

Your Face Arrived (2015)

Fringe Dreams by Karl-Gilbert Murray (2015)

Ben Rivers

Jill Godmilow

Archive (March 2015)

George Kuchar

In the Hold of Life by Jim Supanick (2015)

Looking Back, Looking Beyond: Two Films by Mike Hoolboom by Genevieve Yue (2015)

Montreal (March 2015)

Border Crossings: The Dream Medicine of Alexandra Gelis (Toronto, 2016)

Studying the Self January 2015

Funnel news and posters 1976-89

Mediawave Festival (January 2015)

Dust December 2014

All Things Shining: an interview with Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin (Oct 2014)

Mike Hoolboom by David Dinnell (Dec. 2014)

Hands Up Don’t Shoot (November 2014)

Research 2 (October 2014)

The Fringe Membrane 

by Adrian Martin (2014)

The Second Kind of Artist: an interview by Michael Pattison (Oct 2014)

January 18, 1977

To the Wonder: The films of Mike Hoolboom by Michael Pattison (2014)

Curtocircuito Festival (October 2014)

Becoming a Question (October 2014)







Martin Rumsby

Second Nature (35 minutes 2014)

Five Slogans by Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche

Right Effort and the Question of Privilege August 2014

Reading David Rimmer (2014)

Sigmund Freud

Pain, Performance, and Politics in Yoga: a Conversation with Mike Hoolboom and Matthew Remski (June 2014)

Niagara Artists Centre (St. Catharines, 2014)

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (2014)

Anthology Film Archives New York (2014)

Block Cinema, Gene Siskel Film Centre (Chicago, 2009)

Honesty (Why Isn’t Everyone Here?) March 2014

Practice and Revolution: an interview with Chase Joynt (Dec 2013)

Infection as Practice (January 2014)

CEAC in pictures

Collaboration (November 2013)

Freud Signs

Now as a Bird (2013)

Hetero-burbia by Amerigo Marras (Winter 1973)

The Beginnings of The Body Politic, Kensington Arts Association by Jearld Moldenhauer

The Body Politic, Glad Day, GATE by Ed Jackson

Super Vision (Feb. 1975)

Becoming a script (2013)

Kathleen Pirrie Adams

Words and Pictures: an interview with John Wisniewski (Fall 2013)

Body Art (January 1976)

Art Communication Edition 1 (Sept. 1976)

Broken English by Sylwia Serafinowicz (2015)

12 Points of Contextual Art by Jan Świdziński (1976)

Amerigo Marras talks about CEAC by Robert Handforth (Only Paper Today, Nov-Dec. 1976)

Canadian Vanguard 1970-76 (excerpts)

Art Communication Edition 2 (January 1977)

Art Communication Edition 3 (Feb. 1977)

Art Communication Edition 4 (March 1977)

Toronto Star (March 17, 1977)

Art Communication Edition 5 (May 1977)

European Tour Diary by Diane Boadway (May-June 1977)

Notes and Statements by Amerigo Marras (July 1977)

Art Communication Edition 6 (July 1977)

Art Communication Edition 7 (August 1977)

Art Communication Edition 8 (October 1977)

Art Communication Edition 9 (Nov. 1977)

Strike 1 (January 1978)

Strike 2 (May 1978)

Bernie Glassman 1: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness, Loving Action

Toronto Sun (May 1978)

Bernie Glassman 2: The Circles Are Us

Two Texts by Ron Gillespie (June 1978)

Dissidence in the 1978 Venice Biennale (May 1978)

Letter re: Strike (June 1978)

Bernie Glassman 3: New shit will come to light

Confrontations by Diane Boadway (1978)

The Act of Rebellion (Marras/Boadway June 27, 1978)

CEAC Radio (June 1978)

CEAC Radio 2 (June 1978)

Strike 3 (October 1978)

Writings by Ron Giii aka Ron Gillespie 1

Writings by Ron Giii aka Ron Gillespie 2

Language and Representation (1982)

A Commonwealth (November 1984)

The CEAC was Banned in Canada by Dot Tuer (1986)

Old Moles and Invisible Cities (Nov. 2014)

The New American Cinema (Nov/Dec 1984)

Bruce Eves interview (2013)

Diane Boadway interview (2012)

Cache du Cinema Discovering Toronto Filmmakers (Jan-Feb 1985)

Saul Goldman interview (Sept. 2014)

Signal Approach (Jan-March 1985)

Ron Giii interview 1 (January 2015)

Ron Giii interview 2 (January 2015)

Suber Corley interview (Feb 2015)

The Displaced Narrator (Feb/March 1985)

Film Portraits of Women by Women (April-May 1986)

Canada House (June 1985)

The Loved Ones (October 1985)

Peter Dudar interview (March 2015)

In A Different Voice (Jan-Feb 1986)

David Anderson

Jim Anderson

Caroline Azar

Yann Beauvais

Mike Cartmell

Peter Chapman

Ian Cochrane

Sharon Cook

David Craig

Martha Davis

Judith Doyle

Judith Doyle 2

Munro Ferguson

Eldon Garnet

Marc Glassman

Anna Gronau

Martin Heath

Frieder Hochheim

Mike Hoolboom

Patrick Jenkins

David Anderson

Jorge Lozano


Annette Mangaard

Jim Anderson

Paul McGowan

David McIntosh

Ross McLaren

Martha Davis

Michaelle McLean

Judith Doyle

Philip Monk

Christian Morrison

Midi Onodera

Midi Onodera 2

Paulette Phillips

Anna Gronau

John Porter

John Porter 2

Patrick Jenkins

Martin Rumsby

Annette Mangaard

Edie Steiner

Dot Tuer

Ross McLaren

Stephen Niblock

Wyndham Wise

Candid Camera by Jennifer McPhee (Summer 2013)

Midi Onodera

John Porter

Digesting the Dharma 1 by Simone Moir

Digesting the Dharma 2 by Simone Moir

Digesting the Dharma 3 by Simone Moir

Digesting the Dharma 4 by Simone Moir

John Porter

Life is But a Dream by Simone Moir

Edie Steiner

Christian Morrison

Peter Chapman

Midi Onodera

Patrick Jenkins

Festival Life: an interview with Mike Hoolboom by Jane Kim (May 2013)

Funnel introduction by Mike Hoolboom (2017)

A Truthful Cocktail by Aleksander Huser (2013)

Buddha Before Buddhism 1: How I Stopped Loving the Ruling Class

Buddha Before Buddhism 2: Who do you trust?

Buddha before Buddhism 3: Ancient City

Buddha before Buddhism 4: Leaving Home May 2013

Peter Levitt: The Weight We Carry is Love


Buddha Before Buddhism 5: Raft

Buddha before Buddhism 6: Conditioned Arising

Buddha Before Buddhism 7: Karma

Buddha Before Buddhism 8: Last Words

Bodhisattva 17: Not Me

I am Shithead (2013)

Buffalo Death Mask (4 minutes 2013)


Bodhisattva 16: Made of Others

A Tale of Two Mindfulnesses: Stephen Batchelor and Pat Rockman

Bodhisattva 15: Bitter Bitter Sweet

Bodhisattva 14: In a Drought Shedding Tears

Bodhisattva 13: How Should a Person Be?

Bodhisattva 12: The Joy of Frustration

Bodhisattva 11: Me!

Bodhisattva 10: Generosity

Not Knowing: an interview by Rebecca Lugo and Christine Wang (March 2013)

Bodhisattva 9: Anger 2


Bodhisattva 8: Anger

Bodhisattva 7: Get Closer

Bodhisattva 6: Kleshas

Bodhisattva 5: Jewel

Bodhisattva 4: Going Out on a Limb

Bodhisattva 3: Sunk Cost

Bodhisattva 2: The Village Writes

Bodhisattva 1: Vanishing Acts, Altruism, Biological Allies

Lacan Palestine screening aftertalk (December 2012)

Marcel Duchamp

Spotlight on Mike Hoolboom by Donovan Aikman (2013)

Pipilotti Rist





Kurt Vonnegut

Ethics 1: Introduction

Ethics 2: How We Get Along

Ethics 3: Deep Background

Ethics 4: Not Harming

Ethics 4b: Non Harming: Self-criticism

Ethics 4c: Non Harming and Fear

Ethics 5: Honesty

Ethics 5b: Honesty

Ethics 5c: Honesty

Ethics 6: Mindfulness

Ethics 7: Not-Stealing

Ethics7b: Not-Stealing

Ethics 8: Brahmacharya

Ethics 9a: Generosity

Ethics 9b. Generosity

Ethics 10: Vow

Ethics 11: Zen Precepts

Ethics 12: Reaction Shots


Aaron Swartz: Copyright and Internet Control (2013)

Gilles Deleuze

The Risk of Having a Face: Chase Joynt and Mike Hoolboom (December 2012)

Christian Marclay’s The Clock (2012)

Nadim Mishlawi

Beginner’s Mind 1: Taking Care of Each Other

Beginner’s Mind 2: Spare Time (hahahaha)

Beginner’s Mind 3: Appreciation

Beginner’s Mind 4: Grateful for the Weeds

Beginner’s Mind 5: How to Sit is How to Act

Beginner’s Mind 6: Throw Up and Bow

Beginner’s Mind 7: Nothing Holy

Representing History by Hanan Toukan (2012)

Palestine Film Festival: Lacan Palestine by Laurie Tuffrey (2012)

Synchronize Your Senses by Michael Sicinski (2012)

Flintmaker by Mike Cartmell (2012)

Tom 52 minutes 2002

Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver (2011)

Notes on Dying 1: What Stops You?

Notes on Dying 2: I’m Dying, What Can I Do For You?

Notes on Dying 3: Death Poems

Notes on Dying 4: Pain

Notes on Dying 5: Crow Funeral by Elaine Jackson

Describing the Indescribable by Marcel Jean (24 Images no. 159. Oct-Nov. 2012)

The Beauty Is Relentless (2012)

Musings on Public Lighting by Jason McBride (2012)

The Articulation of Trauma by Dirk DeBruyn (2012)

Anne Michaels

Research (2012)

John Greyson

Hanif Kureishi

Forest Walk (8 minutes 2011)

Arthur Lipsett

Anne Carson


Forever Jung 1: Shared Psyche

Forever Jung 2: Split

Forever Jung 3: Risk

Forever Jung 4: Dreams

Forever Jung 5: 10,000 Hours

The Secret of Pleasure Sept. 2012

My Practice, My Snake August 2012

Why do you practice at Centre of Gravity? July 22, 2012

The Beauty Never Ends (Toronto/Montreal 2012)

Lacan Palestine (70 minutes 2012)

Istvan Kantor

Heart Sutra 1: Seeing the Background

Heart Sutra 2: Why Other People Suck

Heart Sutra 3: Vacuum Cleaner

Heart Sutra 4: Give Yourself a Break

Heart Sutra 5: No Gain by Elaine Jackson

Heart Sutra 6: Feel the Fear

Heart Sutra 7: Yippie!

Martin Leibscher (2012)

Mike Hoolboom by Petr Kubica (2011)

Yoga Sutra 18: Remix by Matthew Remski

Sandokai 5: The End is the Beginning

Thieves Like Me by Matthias Müller (2010)

Searching for the Invisible Man by Chris Kennedy (2009)

Mark 70 minutes 2009

Projecting Questions? (2009)

Showing Pictures: a conversation with Yann Beauvais and Mike Hoolboom (2009)

Jim Jarmusch (2009)

Old Traces on a New Body by Dirk de Bruyn (2009)

The Steve Machine (a novel) interview (2008)

That Reminds Me of Something by Brett Kashmere (2008)

David Rimmer (2007)

The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem (2007)

Visible City interviews (2007)

Mike Hoolboom by Jean Perret (2006)

Imitations of Life by Antonio Rodrigues (2006)

Public Lighting by Luís Miguel Oliveira (2006)

Best bets at Images by Keven Temple (2006)

Art House Resolution by Jason Anderson (2006)

Fascinating Images by Mike Vokins (2006)

Mike Hoolboom by Esma Moukhtar (2005)

The Elegy of Blindness by Bob Black (2005)

Birth to Cinema: Mike Hoolboom’s Invisible Man by Philip Monk (2005)

The Invisible Man by Carla Garnet (2005)

Old Tom, New Tom by Dirk de Bruyn (July, 2005)

Lighting the Body as Public Space by Dirk de Bruyn (2005)

Public Lighting by Petra Vesela (2004)

Three Notes on Public Lighting by Andrea Slovakova (2004)

Writing 1

Public Lighting title 1 minutes 2004

Writing 10 minutes 2004

Writing recut 10 minutes 2004

In the City 9 minutes 2004

Tradition 5 minutes 2004

Amy 18 minutes 2004

New Queer Cinema and Experimental Video by Julianne Pidduck (2004)


Kika Thorne (Ottawa, 2003)

Looking Back to the Future by Peter Goddard (Toronto Star, 2003)

A Retrospective in Four Parts by Arjon Dunnewind ((Impakt Catalogue, 2003) )

Kino Arsenal (Berlin, 2003)

Rain (excerpt from “Imitations of Life”) 2003

Canadian Films Top Ten by Katherine Monk (2002)

Tom 52 minutes 2002

Damaged 9 minutes 2002

A sublime record of a life lived to the fullest by Jason McBride (Festival Daily, 2002)

Mike Hoolboom and the Second Generation by Thomas Waugh (2002)

Tom (8 minute excerpt, 2003)

Panic Bodies and the Performance of Space by Darrell Varga (Canadian Journal of Film Studies, 2001)

Landscapes of Resistance (March 2017)

Panic Bodies by Gary Morris (Bright Lights Film Journal, 1999)

Looking for Troglodytes by RL Cutler (Front Magazine, 1999)

Film by Mark Caughlin (Manitoban, 1999)

Worth its Weight by John Griffin (Montreal Gazette, 1999)

Tales from the Plague Years by T.S. Warren (Xpress, 1999)

Chuck Palahniuk (1999)

Plague Years by Ger Zielinski (Parachute, 1999)

Summing Up by Troy Rhoades (Splice, 1999)

Film in Print by Jason McBride (LIFT Newsletter, 1999)

Thanksgiving by Phil Solomon (1998)

Panic in the Flesh by Melora Koepke (1998)

Inside the Pleasure Dome by William Wees (Canadian Journal of Film Studies, 1998)

Inside The Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada (1998)

Fall down go Hoolboom by Cameron Bailey (Now Magazine, 1998)

Panic Bodies by Tamara Faith Berger (1998)

Hoolboom ranks with Snow, Wieland, Cronenberg by Peter Goddard (1998)

Stranger in a Strange Skin by Kathleen Pirrie Adams (1998)

Positiv (excerpt from “Panic Bodies”) 1998

Local Heroes (Pleasure Dome, Winter 1997)

Xenix, Zurich (1997)

Canadian Avant-Garde Film in the 1990s by Gerald Saul (1996)

Beyond the Fringe: Letters from Home by Noreen Golfman (1996)

The Funnel: An Experiment in Collaboration by Katrina Lagace and Elysse Leonard (2012)

Freedom, Sex and Power: Film/Video Regulation in Ontario by Taryn Sirove (Wreck, 2008)

A Brief History of The Funnel 
by John Porter (2006)

Life and Life Support Systems by Judith Doyle (Fuse Fall 1996)

Open Letter To The Experimental Film Congress (May 1989)

Subterranean Homesick Blues (Nov/Dec 1988)

No funeral for Funnel (Nov. 1988)

The Funnel down the tube by Wyndham Wise (Oct 1988)

Funnel looks for new home by Deirdre Kelly (July 28, 1988)

House of Pain by Laura Marks (POV, 1995)

House of Pain by Tom Chomont (1995)

The Outer Limits: Mike Hoolboom’s Films by Geoff Pevere (Take One, 1995)

Hollywood and Other Canadas of the Soul by Stephanie Bunbury (The Age, 1994)

One Plus One 3 minutes 1993

Kanada newscaster 1 1 minute 1993

Kanada newscaster 2 1 minute 1993

Kanada Prime Minister 1 minute 1993

Kanada – Ode to Joy 1 minute 1993

Kanada – piano 1 2 minutes 1993

Kanada – piano 1 1 minute 1993

Kanada – piano 2 1 minute 1993

Kanada – piano 3 2 minutes 1993

A short film about killing by Veronika Rall (1992)

Mexico (excerpt) 1992

Ozfun (1988)

Fat Film 2 4 minutes 1987

The White Museum by Sarita Choudhoury (1987)

Fat Film 4 minutes 1987

Cache du Cinema by Seth Feldman (1985)

A film culture blunted by caution by John Bentley Mays (Jan 26, 1985)

Artists won’t submit tape to Ontario censor board by John Bentley Mays (1984)

Censorship: Caught in the Crossfire by Anna Gronau (Feb-March 1984)

Funnel opens to fledgling filmmakers by Barri Dena Cohen (1983)

Scenes from the avant-garde by Mathew Fraser (1983)

Magic, Witchcraft and Film by Anna Gronau (Jan. 1983)

McLean new director of Funnel in T.O. (Nov–Dec, 1982)

Funnel Celebrates its Fifth Season by John Bentley Mays (1982)

Self Portrait 1.5 minutes 1981

A Chronology of Censorship in Ontario by Judith Doyle (1981)

Programme Notes by Anna Gronau (Sept. 25, 1981)

The Funnel by Blaine Allan (1981)

Is There Light at the end of the Funnel? by Martha Fleming (1980)

Moving Pictures in a Gallery by Geoff Pevere (1980)

Eye on Entertainment by Sid Adilman (1980)

Movies Made Personal by Jay Scott (1979)

Experimental Cinema: A Problem of Definition by Anna Gronau (1979)

A Funnel for Talent by Anthony Hall (1979)

Film as Art in Canada by George Csaba Koller (1978)

Underground surfaces at CEAC by Peter Chapman (1977)

Structural Film Anthology (1976)

Oscar Wilde (1905)