Projections of Beauty: Made in Canada (Winnipeg Cinematheque, 2011)


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  1. Aldika says:

    Well, well. I’ve known you a bit, Mike, since 1985 (when we met thru Katie Carter), and never knew that Tassajara and SF Zen center root to your Zen prictace. Since I’ve spent lotsa fine times hot-springing, hiking and river swimming there, and its only a few hours from where I sit now in my office in Aptos, I like being able to picture you there, back in the early 80 s. Did you meet Suziki roshi? (I don’t know the year he died.)I’m struck with what you wrote about your father. I don’t know how people do something they loathe, something actually physically and potentially spiritually draining, everyday. And yet people all over the world do. I’ve known so many rice farmers in Thailand and especially Vietnam who not only face grueling work conditions everyday, and struggle in poverty all their lives, but also face possibly getting bit by a lethal snake in the flooded rice paddies.Is it fair to say that while there is something objectively true about his feeling of being chained to a machine, your father chose to feel enslaved? I don’t know. I once knew a Fremont auto-worker who seemed to like his job, and perhaps more importantly was so super-focused on what he loved in life outside of his job.

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