What it means to be avant-garde by David Antin (1993)

And if you have to invent something new to do the work at hand you will but not if you have a ready-made that will work and is close at hand and you want to get on with the rest … Continue reading


Author: an interview with Francesca Ous (November, 2022)

Francesca: I’ve been acquainted with your work for quite a while now, and despite the continual shifts in my life philosophies and artistic sensibilities, I still find that I can return to your films time and time again and connect … Continue reading


Louise Bourque (2021)

Imprints: The Films of Louise Bourque edited by Stephen Broomer and Clint Enns (2021) download the PDF Contents List of Ephemera Introduction Imprints by Stephen Broomer Impossible Trips Back Home: The Films of Louise Bourque by Michael Sicinski “It’s dark … Continue reading


Walls of Fear: an interview by Marija  Katalinić (September 27, 2022)

(25FPS @ Art Kino Rijeka) Marija: The form of your film Freedom from Everything appears to me as a mixture of film essay and documentary. It juxtaposes personal archives to publicly mediated fragments, thus reminding me of Adam Curtis’s work. … Continue reading


Cadence Weapon (2022)

In Samuel A. Floyd Jr.’s book The Power of Black Music, the author discusses how blues singers created their songs “by combining fragments and verses from the hundreds or thousands of formulas that were floating around in black communities everywhere.” … Continue reading


Flowers (12 minutes 2022)

  A song of first flowers. A few seconds of classical and nouveau jazz stretches, along with celebratory fizzings, and the sound of coco coir, a medium for growing plants, the root place of renewal.


Freedom from Everything by Alena Koroleva (March 2022)

Alena: Freedom from Everything (2022) is a personal essay film about twin pandemics – COVID and AIDS. You frame the reaction shots to these global reactions in an examination of neo-liberalism, even returning us, for a moment, to the origins … Continue reading

Listening (24:30 minutes, 2021)


Listening (24:30 minutes, 2021)


Listening script 00:58 My name is Hildegard Westerkamp and I’m in Vancouver, in my home. 2:21 I think I started piano… I had a teacher when I was 15 who was probably my best ever teacher. 2:36 By that time … Continue reading

My Education (5 minutes, 2021)



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