On Artists

Nicholas Kovats

It was Holy: an interview with Nicholas Kovats (May 2017) Mike: How did you get interested in movies? Nick: I think the substantial virus was embedded as a 12-year old. My father packed the kids in a 70s-era station wagon … Continue reading

On Artists

Mark Cira

Two Worlds: an interview with Mark Cira (2023) Mike: Armie (2018) is a short one-person psychodrama, featuring a young woman lost in a dream of her haunted past. Her surroundings, whether it’s the abandoned cars in the desert, or surging … Continue reading

Promises (9:25 minutes 2024)


A wordless film made of photographs taken from around the world. These briefly glimpsed serial portraits, arranged in sequences of patterned gestures, offer a flow of undreamt pleasures and ruins. “It starts by showing people without faces, and then we … Continue reading


Wind at Experimental Brasil Festival (July, 2023)

1. Hi Mike. How are you? Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your work. I’m burned out, depressed, living on screens. It took me many years to learn how to make a movie, or even to … Continue reading


Birgit Hein

download the PDF Viva Birgit Hein by Caspar Stracke (Facebook, September 26, 2023) Here is a free, downloadable .pdf for those of you interested to read about one of the most exciting key figures in feminist, structural, hard-core experimental European … Continue reading

Michael Stone

Politics 3: Communities of Care

Based on a talk by Michael Stone delivered at Centre of Gravity, Toronto. Burn Out I think for many of us burn out is something we don’t recognize. The first form of burn out is vital exhaustion. It’s caused by … Continue reading

Michael Stone

Politics 2: What is Needed?

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity Service I’m here because I find that doing this practice and sharing it with other people and working with other people and listening and talking to other people about … Continue reading

Michael Stone

Politics 1: Engaged Buddhists

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity, September 2010 Meeting This summer (August 9-14, 2010) there was a meeting of “engaged Buddhists” which was quite exciting. 70 of the leading Buddhist teachers in North America came, … Continue reading

Michael Stone

Love, Breath, Self-form, Politics and the Subtle Body

On September 4, 2010, I attended the wedding of my friends Pat Rockman and Bryan Moran. On the way back I caught a ride with Michael Stone who answered some Buddhist psychology questions with his usual charm. Awareness Michael: Awareness … Continue reading

Michael Stone

Yoga and Buddhism

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity Nowadays in popular magazines, Yoga and Buddhism love each other. And unfortunately, and this happens sometimes in popular magazines, Yoga is reduced to a body practice and the dharma … Continue reading


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