Scum (excerpt) by Earle Peach 3 minutes, 1995 (from House of Pain)

2 minutes, 54 sec, mp3

“The prolific experimental filmmaker Mike Hoolboom’s new work is in fact a collection of four short pieces thematically and stylistically related. Described by the director as a ‘psycho-horror in four parts,’ there is indeed plenty in House of Pain to shock, alienate, confront and revolt its audience. At the same time, there is also a pervading passion and tenderness that suffuses the piece, most evident in the beauty of its cinematography. Hoolboom’s recent filmic concerns seems to be dealing with the very elemental nature of life, with corporeal existence at its most basic yet most profound. The body is represented as having an existence independent of consciousness or control, and is fragmented by the cinematography as well as the action. Sex itself is often seen as an anonymous assault of body parts… The often religious or ceremonial tone of the whole film is accurately offered up in Earle Peach’s consuming score, with musical motifs ranging from devotional to lounge.” (Alison Vermee, Vancouver International Festival)