Fascination 70 minutes, 2006

70 minutes, MP3

“Prolific fringe filmmaker Mike Hoolboom (Panic Bodies, Tom) turns his lens to the fallen video ‘art star’ Colin Campbell (1942-2001) in this deeply affecting experimental portrait. Video artist and charming gender provocateur on the Toronto art scene, Campbell pioneered video art in the 1970s, creating drag personas that paralleled conceptual performance of the time. As Hoolboom notes in his voiceover, he does not merely tell Campbell’s story but accompanies it. Contextualising Campbell’s art practice within the TV generation and the Cold War, Hoolboom enters the video milieu by mixing a dreamlike cocktail of found footage with Campbell’s hilarious, poignant videos. Interviews with friends, lovers and art world companions such as John Greyson and Tanya Mars add an intimate layer to this thought-provoking tribute to an important artist rarely screened in the UK.” (Kyle Stephan)