Portrait 4 minutes, 2003 (from Imitations of Life)

3:44 mins, MP3

“In his films, Mike Hoolboom is working on the construction and deconstruction of memory: Imitations of Life, his essay film in ten parts, is an inspiring combination of fragments of fictitious and authentic (auto)biographies, of found footage, home movies and a lyrical voice over. The video in ten parts is trying to find a future in the past by revisting childhood memories as proposed by Sigmund Freud. This work is part of a series of films and videos dealing with the body, perception, sickness, death and reproduction.” Tip, Berlin

“…This sometimes take the form of a fable or a myth, like in Portrait’s reworking of the Lumiere brothers’ footage, or Secret’s foetal creation tale.” Esma Moukhtar, Montevideo Catalogue