CEAC Radio (June 1978)


59 minutes 35 seconds

Originally aired on Los Angeles radio station KPFK that ran a program called Close Radio between 1976-79. Founded by artists John Duncan and Neil Goldstein, the program was primarily organized by Duncan and Paul McCarthy, with Nancy Buchanan and Linda Frye Burnham also participating as organizers at various points in the program’s history. The hour-long programs allowed artists to present sound and art projects via radio broadcasts. This hour includes punk rock excerpts from RAW/WAR, a CBC daytime TV interview with Amerigo Marras by Warren Davis (Time For You), CBC reporter Joe Coté’s report on CEAC (including Ontario Minister of Culture and Recreation Robert Welch explaining CEAC’s $2500 grant for Art Communication Edition (the magazine). City Pulse reporter Glen Cole’s report on CEAC and Strike Magazine. An interview with CEAC members Amerigo Marras, Roy Pelletier and Lily Chiro by another reporter. A Strike magazine manifesto by Lily Chiro.