Amerikan Movies (2008)

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Amerikan Movies
3  The Parts that Make up the Whole, Some thoughts on the work of The Speculative Archive/Julia Meltzer and David Thorne by Pablo de Ocampo
6  Frequencies: an interview with Jason Boughton
17  Taking to the Periphery by Andrea Picard
21  Light Waves and their Uses by David Dinnell
23  David Gatten talk
30  Hand Cranked: a Conversation with Filmmaker Lee Krist by Alex Mackenzie
38  Milk and Juice: An unfinished text to the artist I wish I’d met before starting psychoanalysis by Deirdre Logue
40  Experience Torn to Shreds/Experiments From the Granary, Vincent Grenier, A Retrospective by Mike Cartmell
46  What is Felt Cannot be Forgotten: an interview with Deborah Stratman interview
58  George Kuchar’s Videos: Excrements of time by Steve Reinke
64  Jennifer Reeves at Cinemateque Ontatio, fall 2006
72  An Interview with Robert Todd
94  Long Live Experimental everything: an Interview with Julie Murray
109  An Interview with Martha Colburn
118  David Dinnell’s Midden
120  Dani Leventhal by Steve Reinke
121  Notes on 4 Movies by Dani Leventhal by Mike Hoolboom

Editor: Mike Hoolboom
Published on the internet, November 2008.