Reading David Rimmer (2014)

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This book gathers voices across six decades of response to David Rimmer’s work, sometimes as personal missive or newspaper brief, sometimes as academic pronouncement or historical visitation. David was fortunate to receive early welcome mats from writers at the New York Times and Village Voice, not to mention local lights in Vancouver. The mid-career retrospective in Vancouver brought in a new rush of interest, and with his turn towards film/video hybrids in the 1980s a renewed critical analysis began, along with outraged art critics, foreign retrospective nods, letters of recommendation for Canada’s highest honours. The whole shebang closes with a text drawn from a film proposal that may or may not become emulsion, but makes for a fascinating read as an artist looks back on a lifetime’s work at the age of eighty.

Strange to think about a book about David though, he was never big on words. Words were part of the cover story that had to be seen through so that he could get down to some more fundamental relation, running it through his large and sensitive fingers. The sentences are gathered here not to take the place of his pictures, but to point the way back towards them. And some offer pleasures, rare and nearly forbidden, all their own.

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