title: Safety Picture Collection

I never had much faith in numbers, that was my
father’s job, or used to be, before he forgot that too.
But ever since becoming HIV positive back in the dark
ages, I can’t help feeling this figure: 8,000 people per
day become positive. That’s a lot of difficult conversations.

The question that haunted movie makers
for the past three decades is simply this:
Is there a picture I could make that might help 8,000 people
from opening the wrong door?

After queer orgs led the way with safe sexy ads,
national health boards and even MTV started
funding AIDS mini-movies that are still broadcast in
all but a dozen countries around the world.
It wasn’t just “Ultimate Car Dance Moves” anymore.

The many pictures and stories about AIDS had
produced a new form of invisibility. What combination
of pictures could turn AIDS into a question that can be
heard again? If I were a TV channel, these would be
my top twenty-six, an alphabet of response.

26. The Panic’s Over
voice-over: Everybody knows that AIDS and HIV were started by monkeys. That the disease was carried to the west by air stewards and that minority groups are especially at risk, such as left-handed people, vegetarians and the elderly. People with AIDS are easy to recognize. They have boils and birthmarks on the face, minor injuries to the hands or arms, and they babble incoherently. Despite the dwindling numbers of AIDS victims you must still protect yourself. Never kiss an AIDS or HIV victim. Or shake hands with them. Never share a cigarette and ignore them in social situations. But don’t panic. HIV and AIDS are a thing of the past. Nobody gets infected these days. And most people have forgotten about it.

closing title: The Panic’s Over

25. Big Bed
closing title: Unprotected sex can be dangerous

24. Take This Waltz
closing title: Whatever you’re into make sure it includes a condom. MTV

23. Come Together
closing title: Play Safe. Come Together.

22. Discovery Channel
voice-over: Well now, we call this the act of mating. But there are several very important differences between human beings and animals that you should know about.

song: Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas jockey
and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about
So put your hands down my pants and I think you’ll feel nuts
Yes I’m Siskel yes I’m Eberts and you’re getting two thumbs up

You had enough of two hand touch, you want it rough you’re out of bounds
I want you smothered, want you covered like my waffle house hash browns
Like sending via Fed Ex going to reach an apex just like (incomprehensible)
you make me hard to rise an hour early just like daily savings time

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

title: Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
But, use a condom.

title: Every 6 seconds somebody is infected with HIV.

21. Making Sandwiches
I know you want to do it
You know I want to do it too
Our here on the dance floor
We can make sandwiches

You can be the bun
and I can be the burger girl
I know you want to do it
We can make sandwiches

title: “I’ll be home
late, honey.
still have a lot
to do at work.”

title: 60% of women in the US
were infected by their husbands.
Please cheat with a condom.

20. What’s Going to Happen
title: MTV Sex Drive
woman 1: I don’t.
woman 2: You don’t?
woman 1: If someone goes in your purse and sees a condom, it says, I’m a slut who’s looking for sex.
woman 2: No, it doesn’t. I had condoms in my handbag before I was even having sex. Seriously. Because you never know what’s going to happen.
woman 1: But you do if you don’t have one-night stands.
woman 2: Well, I don’t have one night stands…

19. They Were 12, I was around 8
title: MTV Sex Drive

woman 1: And it’s a girl sitting in a bed, laying down in a bed, and legs just wide open. There will be two older ladies sitting on top of you and two older ladies sitting on the bottom. You’ll be screaming for help and nobody is going to help. They will take a knife and cut it off.
woman 2: How old were the girls?
woman 1: They were 12. I was around 8.
woman 2: Oh, my lord.

title: talk about it. go to
title: 25 yrs fighting HIV & AIDS

18. Presents
song: I won’t tell what you told
I won’t share what I know
I will grow old, no one will know, no one will know

voice: They have no idea. Speak to people like yourself.


17. Save Your Ass
We need clothes in many situations
Because this needs protection
To avoid cold air
Dirt and germs
Uncomfortable chairs

People’s stare
But sometimes clothes are useless…
Something else has to protect it
Save your ass, Wear a condom

title: Unsafe sex can be dangerous.

16. Sex Aquarium
Woman in bed: Steve?
Man in bed (Bill): What’s your ex-boyfriend doing here?
Steve: Well I’m here to have sex with you Bill.
Man in bed (Bill): What?

1st woman at door: Well if you’re having sex with him, then I’m having sex with him too.
2nd woman at door: Hey I’m having sex with both of you.
2nd man at door: So am I.
3rd man at door: Is this where the sex is happening?

voice-over: When you have unprotected sex, you have it with everyone your partner’s had sex with.

Steve: We’ll be quick right? There’s a lot of other people I need to have sex with tonight.

voice-over: Protect yourself. Use a condom. To get more information call 1-888-BE SAFE-1

title: 1-888-BE SAFE-1
The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation

15. Fear of Flying
title: This is the least of your worries
if you’re having unprotected sex.

Ceci est le dernier de vos soucis
si vous avis pris les risques

title: AIDES
Protect yourself

14. Meeting Your Mark
Mark: Hi, I’m Mark.

title: Too quick to think of condoms?
title: Love life, stop AIDS.

13. Tarzan and James
title: Do you have what it takes?
Es-tu bien équipé?

title: Sex, Passion, Romance, Adventure
Do you have what it takes?

Sexe, Passion, Romance, Aventure
Es-tu bien équipé?

12. My friend Julian
My friend Julian died in 2013 of HIV. He was just 36 years old. I never thought that I would lose someone around my same age from this disease. We as a community owe it to ourselves to change the way the conversation is on HIV. To take the stigma away.

title: Let’s bring HIV out of the closet
voice-over: Let’s bring HIV out of the closet. Learn more at
title: Speakout,

11. Don’t be shy
title: don’t be shy – condoms save alive
in association with: MTV, Henry J. Kaiser Family, Youthnet, fh1, UNAIDS

10. Landing Lessons
song: I was born, born to fly, fly in the face of danger
I am Kanon, Kanon Kumar, and I fly to the roar of the crowd,
the boom boom of the canon
voice-over: Every flight is turbulent ladies and gentlemen. Every landing a lesson.
song: Yet I arrive, only to fall again, boom boom.
voice-over: And although my bones have been broken, bones can be repaired.
song: But not hearts, For they are fragile.
voice-over: I know, because I love women as they love me. And although I risk all in life, I risk nothing in love.
song: Condom. Condom. Condom.
voice-over: Because love is too precious to risk, and you must keep your love alive.

title: Use a Condom. Keep Your Love Alive.

9. I’ll Be Around
titles: O amor
Adoraveis Combinacóes
Precisade Proteção

8. Letters
title: ci sono cose che non puoi sapere (some things you cannot know)
title: Proteggiti (protect)

7. We Are Ready
title: HIV began one person at a time. It will end one person at a time.
Because I’m positive.
Positive I can make a difference.
Positive that we talked about it before our first time.
Positive I’m getting tested.
Positive I always have one (just in case).
Positive that I’m waiting until I am ready.
Positive that all I got from my ex was his playlist.
Positive that I just need to know.
Positive that he has no chance.
Positive that I take care of myself.
Positive that I use a condom every time.
Positive that I will be there for you. No matter what.
HIV doesn’t define me.
My life is what I make of it.
We are ready for an AIDS free future.

6. Chewing On It
title: There are over 33 million people living with HIV/AIDS.
Don’t pick it up. Always wear a condom.

5. Mustache Punchline
title: AIDS is a mass murderer.

4. All My Todays
Man walking in door: Sorry for being late.
Woman: And as usual, no condoms.
Many: no.

title: Unless your company looks like this
There is no risk in working with
an HIV positive person

title: AIDES

3. Gone Fishing
voice-over: You’d have to be this lucky not to get AIDS if you have casual sex without a condom.
title: 9 out of 10 AIDS victims contract HIV
through unprotected sex.
title: Be safe. Always use a condom. MTV Music Television

2. Showdown
title: Condom vs AIDS, Falcon Calling Contest
title: Condoms Beat AIDS
title: Condom vs AIDS, Billiards
title: Condoms Beat AIDS

1. Dreams of Belonging
Last night I dreamt
I lived in the part of the world
where the future had already arrived.

In this future
each of us can have the body we want
so we’ll all choose the same ones.

Our sexual desires
our likes and dislikes
will appear projected on our bodies
for everyone to see.

Our computers teach us
how to turn our insides out.

We’re a permanent display
a living picture
transparent and available
parts of the network, the archive
always at the same party
performing a history of styles.

Have you already joined us?