Yoga Sutra 16: Occupy Questions

Rooms of Change
Rooms of Change is an Occupy-inspired project that brings questions to humanimal shoppers inside change rooms in malls. Written on stickers, these questions help bring shoppers back to their bodies, senses, hearts and minds. Change rooms are private spaces within public spaces where critical decisions are made as we find ourselves naked, surrounded by mirrors, scents and loud music. Though this project has focused on change rooms we have also expanded to include questions on escalator handrails, bus shelters, park benches and inside shoes.

The first chapter of this project was created and carried out by Mark Sherman and Andréa de Keijzer in conversation with Natalie Boustead, Cara Spooner, Octopi TO and the Self-Love Ball. In December of 2011, we visited the Eat On Centre and the Fair View Mall. You are invited to join, just start! Photos:

Andrea’s Questions
What if you waited one more year?
Baboons can feel the rain coming, why can’t we?
Can we stop?
Can you say enough?
Can there be more love?
Can you feel the width of your shoulders?
What does your heart say?
What does your body say?
Will this make you more free or more afraid?
If you had less, how would that feel?
Less or more?
Could you own only one thing?
Smile or laughter?
Can you laugh even more?
Good or free?
When was the last time you told yourself you were enough?
Do you still miss her?
Who did you forget to love today?
Are you being gentle?
Head or body?
How is your body?
Is your job hurting you?
Human or humanimal?
Why are you here today?

What conditions brought you here?
How do you come back to your senses?
What is your responsibility as a humanimal?
What is the one thing that you can do to help?
Is your family hurting too?
How do I feel the space between the busyness?
Alternate or Alternatives?
Finite or Infinite?
Can we even own anything? How?
How many teeth do you own?
How long is your breath?
Progress or Progress Trap?
Who is this?
Can you sing a love song to yourself?
How did we get here?
Occupy or not?
Is money even real?
Do you feel a little self-love right now?
What does yourself call you?
Who are you today?
Have you been fooled into the solid?
How can we live in looser schedules?
How can you be more gentle with your heart?
Quiet or Honest?
What is the one thing you no longer need?
Where have you been?
What would you leave last to be known about yourself?
How long since you arrived?
Alone or Together?
Did you notice what you notice?
Remember when we were free?
Soft love?
What would you do?
What if each person owned only 100 things?
How much is too much?
Can you feel them?
What if you left one thing you don’t need?
Do you believe them?
What if you waited one more year?
Love or fear?
What are you afraid of?
Night rainbows?
Who said you needed all of this?
Can you still feel your body after a day in the mall?
What kinds of pressures do you feel?
Are we free?
When was the last time you felt free?
What happens at the end of an exhale?