Confrontations by Diane Boadway (1978)

Self-portrait 1978

In 1978 CEAC mainstay Diane Boadway produced a suite of cross-Canada conversations and named them Confrontations. Diane: “Confrontations exemplifies quite succinctly the direction CEAC was going in, regarding getting closer to the social fabric, through a possible politicized art system (which could have formed more completely). Amerigo applauded this work at the time.”

1. Canadian Tapes
Kazys Rumas, Sudbury
North Corps, Thunder Bay
Leo Murphy, Iron Worker
The Empire Hotel, Thunder Bay
Lena Whitequill, Regina
Ron Gillespie in Calgary

2. Improvising Confrontations
John Anderson & Kim Tomzak
Pumps & Power

3. Jo Birnie Danzker, Curator, Vancouver

4. Amerigo Marras at the Bayfront Restaurant, Toronto

Download the PDF of Confrontations here