Funnel news and posters 1976-89


The Funnel began as a series of super 8 open screenings at CEAC (Centre for Experimental Arts and Communication) a four storey warehouse on 15 Duncan Street. The screenings were organized by Janet Sadel, who headed up the Canadian Super 8 Distribution  Service. They started in October 11, 1976, and ran each Monday at 9pm.

ceac 4.16oct-scheduleduncan-st-small


Ross McLaren ran the open screenings in CEAC’s basement after Janet Sadel left.

ceac 4.16

ceac 3.15

Crash ‘n’ Burn, Toronto’s first punk club, opened in the basement of CEAC, where the (still unnamed) Funnel group had been holding super 8 open screenings. CnB ran from July/August 1977 at 15 Duncan Street (pics by Adam Swica)

crash and burn1small crash and burn2small


In September 1977, after the punk club closed down, a small group formalized an org named “the Funnel, a theatre near you.” Risers, seats and a booth were installed, the space was painted, and a very full schedule of screenings was organized by Ross McLaren.

grant 1978 9 (charter)The_Funnel_at_15_Duncan_Street_Sept_1977_to_April_1978_Photos_by_Adam_Swica 2

0.1 Sept 19770.1b Sept 1977-20.2a Oct 4 19770.2b0.2c Oct 1977-30.2d Oct 1977-40.3 Oct Nov 19770.3b nov 8 19770.3c nov 15 1977ceac 9.210.4 nov dec 19770.4 nov dec 19770.4b dec 6 1977



0.5a jan 10 1978 1 0.5b jan 10 1978 2 0.5c jan 24 1978 0.6a feb 7 1978 0.6b feb 24 1978 0.7a march 7, 14 1978 0.7b march 8-12 1978 1 0.7c march 8-12 1978 2 0.7d march 14, 19780.7e march 24 19780.7f march 1978 20.8a april 4,8,9,11 19780.8b april 11 19780.8c april 14-25 19780.8d april 20 19780.9a may 2 19780.9b may 5 19780.9c may 15 19780.9d may 16 1978

In May 1978 the Toronto Sun published tabloid-worthy accusations at CEAC and two months later the org was defunded by the provincial and federal arts councils.  A requested letter of support from the Funnel was refused (by vote in a community meeting), and a group including Ross McLaren, Jim Murphy, Tom Urquhart and Anna Gronau looked for new digs  and found one at 507 King Street East.

open announcement nov 22, 1978

Dave Anderson designed a series of posters for the Funnel’s new screening space on King Street East shortly after it opened in November 1978.

Dave Anderson Travel agents copy1978 Dave Anderson Young Turkeys  copyDave Anderson Lisbon Withered copyDave Anderson Food Junkie copyDave Anderson Bermuda Triangle copy


Adam Swica designed and silk-screened Funnel t-shirts.

funnel t-shirts drying in theatre 1981

Small March 1979Small April 1979poster august 1979asa118702-168077_77exp film jury ltr dec. 14, 19791980

d anderson jan 1980 1d anderson jan 1980 2april 1980 TheWay the EagleShits etc Funnel1980meet-the-members-poster


Small November 1981Small December 1981


(Funnel member) Paul McGowan: “The Funnel was instrumental in the anti-censorship fight. I believe as a result of this stance, fire inspectors were sent in, which resulted in a $35,000 upgrade in order to meet code as a theatrical venue. Once again, drywall (5/8 inch fire-resistant) needed to be applied to the entire interior of the theater. Steel doors and panic hardware were installed. This was accomplished by what started with a core group of forty people providing ten dollars a month to cover rent and expenses.”



1981 renovation 11981 renovation 2


CloughPoster march 1982Small June 1982 Small June 1982-2 Small June 1982-3 1981 renovation 3 1981 renovation 4 1981 renovation 5 1981 renovation 6 1981 renovation 71981 renovation 8


Small August 1982aug 1982 Funnel Benefit copy


program sept. 1983

program oct. 1983

dave anderson funnel poster nov1983 (small)program nov. 1983 program nov. 1983 2



Michaelle McLean and Anna Gronau

impulse ad 1984 by david anderson (small)

program jan. 1984poster feb 1984Small Febuary 1984 feb 1983 In A drunken Stupor 1983-2005program 1984 Small April 1984-2 Small April 19841985

cache du cinema poster 1985Small December 1985


d anderson jan 1986

funnel newsletter august 1986 1(small)funnel newsletter august 1986 2 (small) funnel newsletter august 1986 3 (small)august 1987 231987

Small Febuary 1987 Small April 1987 Small April 1987-2Small April 1987-3

april 1987 davis elephant dreams small posterSmall May 1987oct 1987 trust a boat


feb 1988



Small April 1989 Small April 1989-2 Small April 1989-3 Small April 1989c Small April 1989d Small May 1989 Small Seat Sale 1989a Small Seat Sale 1989b Small Workshop 1989b Small Workshop 1989c Small December 1989