Your Face Arrived (2015)

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Table of Contents
11 Introduction by Stephen Remus

15 The Fringe Membrane by Adrian Martin
17 To the Wonder: the Films of Mike Hoolboom by Michael Pattinson
20 A Truthful Cocktail by Aleksander Huser
22 Looking Back, Looking Beyond: Two Films by Mike Hoolboom by Genevieve Yue
26 In the Hold of Life by Jim Supanick

31 Candid Camera by Jennifer McPhee
37 Three Letters on Failure, Tears and Forgetting by Alexandra Rockingham
+ Mike Hoolboom
41 Being Loved Again: a Chitchat with Stephen Andrews

53 Notes on Buffalo Death Mask by Mike Hoolboom

69 Positiv
73 Dear Madonna
74 Still Here

76 Artist Bio
77 Film + Video
78 Writer Bios

Published by the Niagara Artists Centre
Designer: Kilby-Smith McGregor
Editor: Mike Hoolboom
Thanks to Pela del Álamo, Jorge Rivero, Marta Díaz Rodríguez
and all the fine folks at the Curtocircuíto International Short Film Festival.
Special thanks to guiding light Stephen Remus.