Colour My World (3 minutes 2017)

Colour My World description (3 minutes 2017)
Three-part colour inquiry. Questions adapted from Frederick Douglass to Jericho Brown bring the hurt. The images have been soaked in water until everything recognizable has been stripped away, leaving behind a wash of colours, a bacterial flow. The questions appear as printed titles. While the music rolls over all of it.

You showed me
how to write this book
how to see this colour
notice the small variations
of light as they passed
between us.

And then you left.
What colour is goodbye?

Now I’ve joined the choir
of those who loved too much.
I have no cheek to turn.
How can a colour look back?
What did our looking change?
Only a projector
gives off a light without colour.

Let’s look at colour together again
because individual activity is not revolutionary work.

If power concedes nothing without a demand
what demands are being made now?

Is the screen a mirror or a door?
Where we can discover
what we are not yet?