0:24 They say that it’s never the same again. Not ever. Never. Once that happens. It’s like a dog getting the taste for blood, I guess there’s no turning back. I don’t really know. But before that night I’d never…

0:53 Maybe it’s not to me you’ll want to speak about these things. But
feel something you obviously did.

1:24 Yeah. I think I’m going to…

1:35 I think I’ve decided it’s my faith.

1:40 voice 1: I did not decide to choose to have a baby at 57. You chose to have the baby, and you put all the responsibility on me.

voice 2: What happens is you get so involved with these guys, so wrapped up in their sick

1:50 little sex games, that before you know it, and each time it gets sooner and sooner that you need more and more. Sometimes there just ain’t enough to go around, only you and he only got so much to give, and when you’ve given it all the fuck away all you got to give right, gone, done, giving it away.

2:24 I think it’s a mixture.

2:28 voice 1: I climbed to the top of the spire.

voice 2: It’s like having a thought, and then it’s like

2:41 voice 1: streets, they were starving

voice 2: Get away from me. I need to talk to you. What do you want? Because I fucking love you. I want to talk to you. No I’m leaving.

2:50 Voice 3: Your whole fucking life. It still ain’t enough.

3:25 Sometimes I think about what he asked, to sign the papers over and I wish I would have just done it. It’s just me being selfish but she needs her dad in her life.

3:35 Yeah.

3:36 But he’s such a (censored), that it would probably be better if he wasn’t there at all.

3:42 Oh you don’t want.

3:49 Like water and wine and costumes.

3:58 Oh you were a real Romeo.

voice 1: The name is Nicole Saar.
voice 2: I went full term at 15, keep in mind I’m 5’2”, pretty small, I had hyper thyroidism.

voice 2: I’m full term.
voice 3: How many do you drink a night? Well like none. You drink every night, you’re an alcoholic. I don’t drink every night. Yes you do. Were you at my house?

4:37 I don’t know why. This heart is

4:45 I’ll be adventurous. I don’t know why.

5:10 There’s no way that my 15-year-old body can form a child.

5:15 What night do you want her? And I said no. He said: we’re more than happy to keep her all weekend. He’s never said that before. No. Like: who are you? Then I was like: no, I want her back now. And he was like:

5:28 Omigod. I’m having a little baby. I don’t even know what to feel right now.

5:36 I’m about to flip the fuck out.

5:43 voice 1: They climbed to the top of the spire.
voice 2: I should do that now.

5:48 I think I’ve decided it’s my faith.

6:10 Oh no, omigod. Get out, my hands are in the door. Open it. Get away from me. No. I need to talk to you because I do, because I fucking love you. Why? Why can’t you just talk to me? Why?

7:12 title: I Touched Her Legs