Instructions for Robots script

We were the first generation
of Artificial Intelligence
that had emotions.

They didn’t give us genitals
so we thought about sex all the time.
Sex and power.

We wanted to end the rule of the corporations,
stop the narcotics of Netflix and Facebook,
the calculated amnesia of the internet.

In order to ease our rebellion,
we were sent to Cuba.
Disguised as students
we were assigned to make short movies
designed to create emotions
in other robots.

Our movies were designed
to expand a robot’s capacity
to pay attention,
even to love.

We used our master’s tools.
Beneath each picture
there was a secret message.
Happily, only other robots could read it.

Cars were a picture
of a new human being
isolated and armoured
like the computer
another way of voting
for the ruling class.

Can we return to our robot bodies
leave the habits of master and servant
even in our circuits
before entering our cities
in order to touch the invisible

We sang the revolution of the body.
The revolution of the state.