After Victory Day script

This is the place where we are being dreamed. The worlds we dream are already there, waiting for us, inhabiting us like an invading army, like family. Our pictures looked back at us until we became pictures.


What does it mean to make pictures at this moment, when all of my friends are being held prisoner by their screens? When we can’t see too little of each other. When the never-ending digression of the web, the interweb, requires one more click, one more moment where I can escape my body and myself.

After we fell in love with our telephones, even the most basic pleasures of eating or cleaning ourselves had become a mystery, part of a lost culture. So we started recording the actions of others, looking for clues.


Here the Coypu demonstrate a luxury of time. As Simon de Beauvoir wrote: the body is not a thing, but a situation.

These water rats were shipped to France from South America, where they were bred and slaughtered in fur farms. But their ancestors survived slavery, they escaped to build their own homes, and in the underground – resistance flourished.

Tunnel and Night City
How to resist the invasion of armies, and then the invasion of ideas? How can I stop being safe, in other words, how can I reassure the terrorist that lives inside me, the terrorist that I am, that fear is not the first form resistance takes. My computer asks me: how can we resist everything except temptation?

Semenserie factory

Imagine a factory where everyone is boss and worker. Here they have replaced mass production with shared tools and ideas, and sometimes shared attitudes, bodies and the old question from Parsifal: how can I help you?

Bike co-op

Imagine a bike shop where there are no experts, only people willing to help you help yourself, where you are invited to fix your own bike. Of course what is really being fixed here are personalities, the feeling of being unwanted, in a word: capitalism.

Cat mirror
To make the slow turn towards all that is difficult, even impossible, in our bodies, and then in our neighbourhoods and cities. To look at what we can’t stand most of all, and in place of distraction, to come face to face with our deepest, our most profound…