Shorts and Shortages (Sept 2019)

an afternoon workshop at the Winterthur Film Fest, organized by the indefatigable Laura Walde

I have no memory of giving this talk, and it seems that words are spontaneously coming out of my mouth, which seems unlikely, this doesn’t happen even in casual conversations which are invariably scripted and rehearsed.

Stranger still the speaker doesn’t even resemble me. How delicious. It seems I have a twin, a dreamed double, who is able to speak without rehearsals. I hope one day we’ll meet.

In this gathering the twin offers some thoughts on points raised by the luminous speakers who came before him. The remarks are footnotes, no more no less. What are they about?

1. The Door Chooses You
I remember when a friend of mine decided to leave the shabby world of media art (festival refusals, petty feuds, chronic underexposure) and enter the glamorous world of art (exhibition refusals, petty feuds, chronic underexposure) aka the art world. Is it really a world? Oh yes. How do you step into that door? I couldn’t help but ask. He said: the door chooses you.

2. Just Say Yes
Why this is the best of all possible times to make media art. Why the good old days weren’t so good. We need to reinvent our cinema so we can reinvent our lives.

3. Not Writing
The short film that feels like the longest movie ever made. How viewers make movies. Does that make every movie the site of possible collaboration? Two case studies: Karl Ove Knaussgaard and Rachel Cusk. For these two juggernauts not-writing is as important as writing. Equal. Let’s start a school of writing where no one writes, not even shopping lists.