Whenever I’ve stuck in a loop
I write my friend Fred.

He used to be a filmmaker
but he got over it
and that gives me more hope than it should.

Dear Mike
My life here and now.
I live 5 days in a Benedictine monastery
where I have a permanent room.
Although I do believe
God does not exist.

Fridays I work as a bridge keeper.
Thursdays and Saturdays I work as a caregiver.

I grow vegetables in Monnickendam, plenty.

Did a writers course
and decided not to become one, or two.

Have my 61st birthday in six days
so should visit my terrible mother.

Live without sex for 14 years now.
Perhaps I start having it again when I am 70.

Became a flexitarian.

Have nostalgia attacks
despite the fact that my past
was unhappy most of the time.
It just does not make sense!

Most of the time
I am a happy, lucky, sun of a gun.
A little egotistic too.

I gave up 100% non-drinking
and make my own liqueurs.

Went to the cinema for the first time in four years
mainly to escape the heat.

Greetings to you Mike!

ps Yes there is life after film making.