Fat Film 4 minutes 1987

Sound by Strange Nursery (Gerard Leckie and Nicholas Licorice) “Two filmmakers have ‘mined’ the dramatic psychological fibre of this inner-outer dichotomistic aesthetic to such an extent that they stand, as I see it, poised on the brink of a new breakthrough in discovery that as-if Space from which bits and pieces of memory seem drawn before they are ‘membered’ ┬áinto Picture… (In Fat Film) they are primarily remembered as eruptions of memory shapes appropriate to, yet struggling against, the textures from which they arise and eventually dissolve back into. Hoolboom rips at the very stuff of Film itself in beseeming war with Past’s entire tension of ictorial recall.” Stan Brakhage, Space as Menace: Canadian Aesthetics

A memory ritual performed in an enclosed space over twenty-four hours. Featuring dance, costume, lard, and a single performer. The film closes with my brother, just turned eight, holding a swimming diploma – only the light makes the diploma perfectly white as if the lessons of his past need to be erased in order that another life could enter. Another history remembered.