One Plus One 3 minutes 1993

Soundtrack by Earle Peach. “A pixillated couple plays dress-up and undress-up as Earle Peach’s industrial-strength audio track pulsates and ebbs with churning tides of sound.” Geoff Pevere, Images Festival Catalogue

Photographed a frame at a time over three days, One Plus One casts Jason Boughton and Kathryn Ramey as unlikely lovers, the first appearing as a hovering devil in flight, excreting vegetables, while Ramey exhales a watch before lifting weights in cheerful self-absorption. Their touch promotes a shimmering aura of light, a celestial forcefield which they struggle against, finally retiring to the kitchen with a gaggle of tools to fine tune desire. To remake their partners into something more like themselves. At last they give in, don each other’s clothes, and fly off together to the strains of Strauss’s Blue Danube Waltz.