screening format: BETA SP
length: 70 minutes
Sound: stereo, dolby A

Colour and black and white
year of production: 2006
country of production: Canada
premiere screening: Images Festival, Toronto.

Producer, Director, Writer, Camera: Mike Hoolboom
Editor: Mark Karbusicky

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Margaret Moores, Alerminda Travassos, Janis Hoogstraten, Tanya Mars, John Greyson, Lisa Steele, Gary Kibbins, Lynne Fernie, Johanna Householder, Glenn Schellenberg, Sue Ehrlich, Kerri Kwinter, George Hawken, Andrew Paterson, Lori Spring

Also featuring:
Steven Davey and the Dishes, Jeff Erbach, Carolynne Hew, Esma Moukhtar, Angelo Pedari, Carmen Householder-Pedari, John Price


Thanks to:
Cameron Bailey, William Burroughs, Anne Carson, Helen Lee, Sally Lee, Janine Marchessault, Olivier Mercier, Steve Reinke, Susan Sontag, Tess Takahashi, Oscar Wilde

Also thanks to:
Ed Alvarez (squash), Will Munro (dance), Kate Paterson (life drawing class), Ian Sly (squash), Cameron House

Reena Katz (violin)

Invaluable Assists
Daniel Cockburn, Terence Dick, Lisa Harrison (scans), Heather Keung (dubs), Chris Romeike (camera), Kim Tomczak (dream archivist), Greg Woodbury and all the kind folks at Vtape and Charles Street Video.


Works excerpted
Colin’s 50th birthday tape by Lynne Fernie, John Greyson, Johanna Householder, Carmen Householder-Pedari, Laroux Peoples, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomzak
Artists’ Television by Judith Doyle
Soft Like Me by Jeff Erbach
Colin in the desert by John Greyson
The ADS Epidemic by John Greyson
The Jungle Boy by John Greyson
You Taste American by John Greyson
The Long Take by Gary Kibbins
I am an artist, My name is… by Elizabeth Mackenzie and Judith Schwarz
Charlie’s Party by John Price
Inside/Out by Lori Spring
The Scientist Tapes by Lisa Steele


Rocket fuel from the following works by Colin Campbell appeared:
Sackville I’m Yours (1972)
True/False (1972)
Janus (1973)
This is an Edit/This is Real (1974)
Hindsight (1975)
The Woman From Malibu (series) (1976-77)
Shango Botanico (1977)
Modern Love (Part 1,2,3) (1978)
Bad Girls (1980)
L.A. Flex (1980)
He’s a Growing Boy, She’s Turning Forty (1980)
Conundrum Clinique (1981)
Dangling by Their Mouths (1981)
Snip, Snip (1981)
Peripheral Blur performance (1981)
Bennies From Heaven (1986)
No Voice Over (1986)
Black and Light (1987)
Un Mois En Languedoc (1996)
Rendez-vous (1997)
Disheveled Destiny (2000)
Que Sera Sera (comaker: Almerinda Travassos) (2001)

This work and other unembedded media is made possible through the happiness of the Canada Council and the Chalmers Art Fellowships at the Ontario Arts Council

Available from: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre