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Keith Lock

Work, Bike and Revolution: an interview with Keith Lock Mike: Could you tell me about your family? Keith: My father was born in Toronto and my mother, a Chinese Australian, was born in Melbourne, Australia. They met during World War … Continue reading

On Artists

Paul Wong

King of the Main: an interview with Paul Wong 2008, released 2021 I meet him at the Metropolitan Hotel, where the Reel Asian fest is hosting him for the week as the spotlight artist. He’s just finished nearly thirty new … Continue reading

On Artists

Helen Lee

Priceless: An Interview with Helen Lee Originally published in Practical Dreamers (2008) She was supposed to be far too famous to be in a book like this. HELEN LEE! She should have eaten up the director’s fortnight at Cannes, then … Continue reading

On Artists


Just Cinema: an interview with an anonymous avant-garde filmmaker (Toronto, August 2021) Mike: Why do you prefer to remain anonymous? Anonymous: The cult of persona has bothered me for a long time. I have long been an admirer of 18th … Continue reading

On Artists

Hildegard Westerkamp

Listening: an interview with Hildegard Westerkamp by Heather Frise and Mike Hoolboom (October 2020) Music Lessons: Osnabrück, Germany 1956 I started taking piano lessons when I was ten. Before that I just ‘doodled’ on the piano, but also played the … Continue reading

Guest Speakers

Heartbroken World by Lama Rod Owens (2021)

Lama Rod Owens is part of a new generation of dharma teachers. Because he’s black, queer and lives in the American south, he brings a different frame to his experiences. His good humour and sharp insights are fully in evidence … Continue reading


Let’s Remember That We Have Bodies Together: an interview with Salome Kokoladze (Oct 2020)

  Originally published in Infrasonic, Salome’s fine online mag. www.infrasonic.media Mike Hoolboom began making movies in 1980. Making as practice, a daily application. Ongoing remixology. Since 2000 there has been a steady drip of found footage bio docs. The animating … Continue reading


Capitalism and its Discontents: an interview by Dirk DeBruyn (January 2020)

Originally published in Senses of Cinema (October 2020) Capitalism and its Discontents: an Interview with Mike Hoolboom I sat with Mike Hoolboom at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2020, after the premiere of Judy versus Capitalism, an hour-long … Continue reading


b.h. Yael (2021)

b.h. Yael: Family States Check out the beautiful volume, designed by Alena Koroleva, here. Published by ConverSalon, 2021. Contents Introduction by Mike Hoolboom Movies You Belong to Me by Yann Beauvais (1986) Jain Walks the Line by Deirdre Logue (1986) … Continue reading

Writings on Mike Hoolboom

Father Auditions by Laura Busetta

Originally published in Arabeschi, Fall 2020 http://www.arabeschi.it/ri-scattare-le-immagini-dinfanzia-archivi-privati-e-performance-digitali-fra-ontologia-ricordo-disconoscimento/ The stories of Father Auditions (2019) turn around the figure of a parent. Its central section is a portrait of the Canadian director’s father, made a year and a half after his death. … Continue reading


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