Twice Told Tales: an interview with David Davidson (July 2016)

David: You Only Live Twice begins with a chance encounter between yourself and Chase Joynt at the Orly Airport the day Chris Marker died. Is this really how the two of you met? This chance encounter and later on the … Continue reading



Far From Iran (Toronto, 2016)

Pleasure Dome Saturday July 23, 2016 Cinecycle, Toronto Far from Iran Does the Sand Hear the Waves? by Taravat Khalili 31 minutes 2016 The Host by Miranda Pennell 60 minutes 2015 Does the Sand Hear the Waves? by Taravat Khalili … Continue reading

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Disasterologies by Mike Cartmell (2016)

why not download this lovely book as a pdf here Table of contents Mike Cartmell: Sharpening the Tools by Mike Hoolboom ♦ ii Essays Bad Timing ♦ 12 Orphanhoodedness ♦ 13 Eat the Book ♦ 15 Scène de naufrage: Reading … Continue reading


On Artists

Kelly O’Brien

How one Toronto mom reclaimed her artistic life by using Facebook Filmmaker Kelly O’Brien was desperate for a creative outlet Leah Collins · CBC Arts May 4, 2016 Toronto filmmaker Kelly O’Brien is inspired by life’s ordinary moments, and she creates … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

How do we hide from ourselves? June 2016

Jealous Gods Jealous gods could also be named ego functions (taming, mastery, self-control, adaptation) Mindful These gods (what am I worshipping now?) could be rewired for mindfulness (moment-to-moment awareness). Meditation re-orients ego functions away from possessing things, towards awareness. Anger/energy … Continue reading



Scrapbook: an interview with Vincent Poli (June 2016)

Originally published in: (FIDMarseille Daily) Vincent: How did you arrive at the idea of re-using images 40 years after they had been made? Did you have to go through a lot of Jeffrey Paull’s images while making the selections for your … Continue reading

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Scrapbook: an interview with Mo Gourmelon (May 2016)

Mo is the director of La Saison Video, an online portal (http://www.saisonvideo.com) that pairs movies that are temporarily on view. In late 2016 Scrapbook (18 minutes 2015) will be paired with Watch My Back (part one) (10 minutes 2010) by … Continue reading



Ghost Stories: an interview by Sammy Roach (May 2016)

Sammy: The title of your screening is “Ghost Stories.” What does that title mean to you? Mike: For the opening of Bill Copley’s 1953 painting show in Paris, Marcel Duchamp designed square candy wrappers that were dished to guests. Each … Continue reading


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports 1. Image: Starting line of the race At the starting line Deleuze and Guattari offer me a picture of psychoanalysis. Never mind a cure, it’s all about agility. It’s not about improvement, it’s about being able to keep … Continue reading



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