My friend Laura has a condition called Mirror-touch synaesthesia. It means that when you feel a pain in your left shoulder, she feels a pain in her right shoulder. Could we call this: empathy on steroids? It led her to … Continue reading

Introduction to Alchemy (2:23 minutes 2018)

Unable to leave my apartment universe and attend the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Fest in Scotland, I sent along this digital stand-in instead, composed and commissioned as an introduction to Aftermath, a four-part, feature-length found footage bio-pic. Direct camera … Continue reading


Christine Lucy Latimer (2019)

Christine Lucy Latimer: Media Archaeologist published by Conversalon and Canadian Film Institute, 2019. 92 pages. Editor: Mike Hoolboom Designer: Kilby Smith-McGregor Table of contents Introduction A Conversation With Christine Lucy Latimer by Leslie Supnet To Christine Lucy Latimer by Karissa … Continue reading


Judy script l. Family TV announcer: The name Judy Rebick is synonymous with feminism in Canada. She’s the former president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. She was also the woman who blocked a man from … Continue reading

Judy (70 minutes 2020)

A bio-doc about my pal Judy Rebick: iconic second wave Canadian feminist, radical activist, journalist and writer. She is the founding publisher of, Canada’s irreverent progressive online news source, and a former president of the National Action Committee on … Continue reading


Closer script Jorge Lozano: The whole thing started in Colombia when I saw for the first time works by Norman McLaren. I had never seen any experimental work. The works I saw from him were made with city lights, he … Continue reading

Closer (10 minutes 2020)

A portrait of my pal Jorge Lozano, lensed in our A Space exhibition as he talks the talk. He brings back early moments in Toronto, Sam the Record Man meets Norman McLaren, and a parade of fringe stars at A … Continue reading


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