Michael Stone

Noting in the Empire of Selfies April 8, 2014

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone, April 8, 2014 at Centre of Gravity Jerry Jerry Durlack found out he had cancer, and while he wasn’t afraid of the cancer, or of dying, he was scared of the pain that … Continue reading



Anthology Film Archives New York (2014)

SHOW & TELL: MIKE HOOLBOOM April 19, 20, 2014 Each of our quarterly calendars contains hundreds of films and videos all grouped into a number of series or categories. Along with preservation screenings, theatrical premieres, thematic series, and retrospectives, we’re … Continue reading



Block Cinema, Gene Siskel Film Centre (Chicago, 2009)

Program One: Imitations of Life (70 minutes 2003) Block Cinema, October 20, 2009 “Mike Hoolboom’s restlessly intelligent film is broken up into ten parts, each revolving around issues of representation, eventually narrowing into a sort of treatise on the Hollywood … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

Honesty (Why Isn’t Everyone Here?) March 2014

A talk given at what used to be Centre of Gravity, Toronto, March 18, 2014 Three Trainings In Korea, in the seventh century, a form of Buddhism began to flourish that was based in meditation, as opposed to a more … Continue reading


Michael Stone

Grasping (money) March. 4, 2014

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity, Toronto on March 4, 2014 Stages Here at Gravity our practice doesn’t proceed in laid out stages exactly – mostly we’re sitting and feeling our breathing. Over time you … Continue reading


Michael Stone

Who am I? What should I do? Feb. 4, 2014

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity on Feb. 4, 2014 Tonight we’re going to mull over this koan: “What is the core of Buddhism?” a student asks. Qinguan (the teacher) replies, “What is the price … Continue reading



Practice and Revolution: an interview with Chase Joynt (Dec 2013)

Chase: How much of your method can be described as a (never-ending) quest to make “that film?” The one that tells it, the one that shows it, the one that makes it make sense to you, or perhaps to other … Continue reading



Infection as Practice (January 2014)

This paper was read as the beginning of my MFA ‘defense’ at York University in Toronto. Research Perhaps inevitably, after all these years living in the universe of my computer, I am struck by the gravitational pull of my new … Continue reading


Michael Stone

Why Can’t the Tail Pass Through? January 14, 2014

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone at Centre of Gravity, January 14, 2014 Koans Koans are often teaching devices that take the form of a dialogue between two people. They were dished orally, and eventually collections would form, often … Continue reading



Collaboration (November 2013)

I wanted to take up this question of how to take a photograph, how to make a picture. And this question is related to the more fundamental question underlying photography, underlying all of art: how do I look? It’s a … Continue reading



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