redux/time/OUT OF JOINT by Caspar Stracke (Toronto, 2017)

redux/time/OUT OF JOINT by Caspar Stracke Sept. 16, 2017 Tranzac Club, Toronto co-presentation Pleasure Dome and Regional Support Network The time is out of joint: O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right! Hamlet (meeting the … Continue reading


Fats Waller and me (Sept 2017)

Intro Sometimes my friends invite me to a place like this, into a school, where people young and old are performing together the act of education. And my pals are most eager of all to show me the wondrous student, … Continue reading


Notes for Rehearsals (Spring 2016)

The terrible depression was not yet over. It had begun so slowly, every plant was replaced, every face in the city. I didn’t know I was in the dry place until I had become it. How many years did I … Continue reading


Precious (10 minutes 1995-2017)

This is a remix of part one of the four-part wordless psychodrama House of Pain, once a feature-length bonbon from 1995. Original soundtrack by Vancouver-based composer genius Earle Peach. Most of what remains is his, the skeleton, the deep hearing, … Continue reading


Scum (13 minutes 1995-2017)

A remix of genius Earle Peach’s original score. This is a remake/remodel of the 1995 move, part two of the four-part wordless psychodrama House of Pain.


Colour My World (3 minutes 2017)

Colour My World description (3 minutes 2017) Three-part colour inquiry. Questions adapted from Frederick Douglass to Jericho Brown bring the hurt. The images have been soaked in water until everything recognizable has been stripped away, leaving behind a wash of … Continue reading


Stamped from the Beginning (August 2017)

Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America All quotes taken from this ground-breaking and wondrous study. Below the Sahara Desert, the West African empires of Ghana (700-1200), Mali (1200-1500), and Songhay … Continue reading

On Artists

Nicholas Kovats

It was Holy: an interview with Nicholas Kovats (May 2017) Mike: How did you get interested in movies? Nick: I think the substantial virus was embedded as a 12-year old. My father packed the kids in a 70s-era station wagon … Continue reading

Mike Hoolboom

Upright July 16, 2017

I remember Michael Stone saying that when the end came, he hoped he would be sitting upright, perhaps even in the traditional posture of meditation, which he had spent so many hours upholding, leading by example, sitting with his tall … Continue reading

On Artists

Leslie Supnet

In Defence of the Poor Image. An interview with Leslie Supnet (2014) Mike: You’ve moved to Toronto from your home in Winnipeg. In this mythically multicultural hub, the avant scene for movies remains pretty steadfastly white, I wonder if it … Continue reading


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