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Total Coverage: Chris Kennedy and Rebecca Baron (Toronto, 2017)

Saturday October 14, 2017 7:30 Doors, Screening 8:00pm $8/$5 members + students @CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue Program Notes How Little We Know of Our Neighbours by Rebecca Baron (49 minutes 2005) An eccentric essayist, American native Rebecca Baron continues her … Continue reading

On Artists

Chris Kennedy

Phantom Windows: an interview with Chris Kennedy (July 2017) Mike: What is the point of artists making movies? Youtube is jammed with DIY expressions, and for those requiring more structure there’s always Netflix or even the local multiplex. What are … Continue reading


redux/time/OUT OF JOINT by Caspar Stracke (Toronto, 2017)

redux/time/OUT OF JOINT by Caspar Stracke Sept. 16, 2017 Tranzac Club, Toronto co-presentation Pleasure Dome and Regional Support Network The time is out of joint: O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right! Hamlet (meeting the … Continue reading


Fats Waller and me (Sept 2017)

Intro Sometimes my friends invite me to a place like this, into a school, where people young and old are performing together the act of education. And my pals are most eager of all to show me the wondrous student, … Continue reading


Notes for Rehearsals (Spring 2016)

The terrible depression was not yet over. It had begun so slowly, every plant was replaced, every face in the city. I didn’t know I was in the dry place until I had become it. How many years did I … Continue reading


Precious (10 minutes 1995-2017)

This is a remix of part one of the four-part wordless psychodrama House of Pain, once a feature-length bonbon from 1995. Original soundtrack by Vancouver-based composer genius Earle Peach. Most of what remains is his, the skeleton, the deep hearing, … Continue reading


Scum (13 minutes 1995-2017)

A remix of genius Earle Peach’s original score. This is a remake/remodel of the 1995 move, part two of the four-part wordless psychodrama House of Pain.


Colour My World (3 minutes 2017)

Colour My World description (3 minutes 2017) Three-part colour inquiry. Questions adapted from Frederick Douglass to Jericho Brown bring the hurt. The images have been soaked in water until everything recognizable has been stripped away, leaving behind a wash of … Continue reading


Stamped from the Beginning (August 2017)

Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America All quotes taken from this ground-breaking and wondrous study. Below the Sahara Desert, the West African empires of Ghana (700-1200), Mali (1200-1500), and Songhay … Continue reading

On Artists

Nicholas Kovats

It was Holy: an interview with Nicholas Kovats (May 2017) Mike: How did you get interested in movies? Nick: I think the substantial virus was embedded as a 12-year old. My father packed the kids in a 70s-era station wagon … Continue reading


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