4 Noble Tasks Dharma

Four Noble Tasks 1c: Leaving Home

Heavy Last week someone make a comment that was cleverly disguised as a question. Can you remember? The question was: why don’t we call the Buddha Gotama? This is his last name, his family name, Gotama. I wonder if we … Continue reading


4 Noble Tasks

Noble Task 1b: The Trauma of Everyday Life by Mark Epstein

Notes on Mark Epstein’s beautiful book from 2013 Suffering Buddha “taught one thing… suffering and its end.” There are still contemporary versions of the ancient ascetics… people convinced of their own unworthiness, who cling to their negative feelings. Trying hard … Continue reading


On Artists

Stephen Broomer

Collaborating on a Mystery: an interview with Stephen Broomer (2016) Mike: I wonder if you could spare a few words about the evolution of the media arts community here in Toronto. You’ve done some deep digging into the roots, how … Continue reading


On Artists

Marcos Arriaga

100% of My Attention: an interview with Marcos Arriaga Marcos: I was trained as a journalist. I attended a private university in Peru between 1980-85 at a time of social change. I was trying to figure out who I was … Continue reading



Artist-run centres (Sept. 2016)

decentre redux It’s been 8 years since the publication of YYZ’s decentre: concerning artist-run culture where we published 103 short responses to questions examining artist-run culture and its environment. We would like to hear your opinions again in preparation for … Continue reading


On Artists

Paul B. Preciado

Exhibitions as Crime by Paul B. Preciado Introduction Jorge Ribalta (former head of public programming at MACBA, and a participating artist in the show): “The exhibition The Beast and the Sovereign was scheduled to open at MACBA (Barcelona Museum of … Continue reading


Writings on Mike Hoolboom

Scrapbook by Adi Chesson(May 13, 2016)

(Format Court Magazine (formatcourt.com), I couldn’t tell if emotions were somewhere in my body or a place in the city. Realized over a period of 50 years, Scrapbook (discovered at the IndieLisboa festival in the “Silvestre” section) is a documentary … Continue reading


On Artists

Miriam Elia

We Go To The Gallery by Miriam Elia (2014) UK artist Miliam Elia made a 48-page hand-bound book in 2014. Art criticism via kid’s books. Here’s a small sample. 

scrapbook 10b

Writings on Mike Hoolboom

A Refuge in which Film Can Be Reinvented: Film Festival Marseille Part 2 by Henrike Meyer (2016)

(Dasfilter.com, August 12, 2016) …The last movie I saw in Marseille moved me the most. In Mike Hoolboom’s Scrapbook I had time enough to feel what it means to look into a camera, to make a picture, and to produce … Continue reading

cover finals-page-001


Mike Cartmell: Disasterologies (Toronto, Ottawa, 2016)

Pleasure Dome Sunday July 17, 2016 Monarch Tavern, Toronto Canadian Film Institute and SAW Video, Cafe eX November 4, Club SAW at 67 Nicholas Street In February 2014 we lost our friend and long time fringe movie artist Mike Cartmell … Continue reading



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