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John Creson and Adam Rosen

The Last Scream 3:30 minutes super 8 2013 A phantasmagoria of light, stretched across a pair of nights and days. The emphasis here is on performance, and the accumulation of seeing, the visible palimpsest of memory that arrives in bursts … Continue reading

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Underground (2017)

Underground: The untold story of the Funnel film collective The best-kept secret of the Canadian film underground remains the Funnel, a muchly rumoured experimental film collective that remapped fringe practice in Toronto for a decade. 25 years after it folded … Continue reading


On Artists

Akira Mizuta Lippit

Electric Animal An Interview with Akira Mizuta Lippit (February 12, 2008) “When we kill an animal, we recognize something immediately that we have to erase from our consciousness with this phrase, ‘It’s only an animal.’” Dr. Akira Mizuta Lippit, author … Continue reading



Governor General Award Speech (March 2017)

March 1, 2017 Rideau Hall, Ottawa Your excellency, friends of all genders and persuasions. I come from a place on the margins. We lived in the wilderness past the edge of common sense, so it’s strange to be here. We … Continue reading



Sincerely: Kelly O’Brien (Toronto, 2017)

Sincerely: Kelly O’Brien movies and Facebook performance February 18, 2017 at CineCycle Pleasure Dome For the past two decades local treasure Kelly O’Brien has been making documentary shorts, usually shot on super 8, remapping its typical home movie subjects to … Continue reading



Imperfect Happiness: an interview by Marta Berto (Alchemy Festival, Scotland) (February 2017)

Marta: What is your idea of perfect happiness? Mike: I would settle for an imperfect happiness. Helping others provides a temporary balm in these difficult times. Just about anything that doesn’t involve nursing the computer. Marta: What lies at the … Continue reading


On Artists

Francesco Gagliardi

A Record of its own Making: an interview with Francesco Gagliardi (January 2017) Mike: Can you say something about where you grew up, and how you got interested in theatre, and what kind of theatre you did, and perhaps something … Continue reading



The Funnel: an interview by Chris Kennedy (January 2017)

Chris: Can you briefly describe what the Funnel was? Mike: The Funnel was an experimental film collective. Like the old Hollywood studios, the membership was dedicated to a combo production-distribution-exhibition colossus. Four home-made movie theatres were built in three locations, … Continue reading


Writings on Mike Hoolboom

Fragments of a Recovered Memory by Francesco Del Grosso (Dec, 2016)

Originally published in: cineclandestino.it In the eyes of many a movie such as Incident Reports (70 minutes 2015) might look like a classic example of therapeutic cinema, although others might attach more miraculous values. The line that separates these interpretations … Continue reading

From the Archives of the Red Cross (70 minutes, 2017)


Part one: The Man Who Stopped Time Part two: Disappearances Part three: Photo Shoot Location Yemen Part four: Beirut Grammar Part five: Mine Clearing

    image-w1280a2478678016_10flashmob4lunaire8594631494_780x439Uz5-ASBo_2E9CLJx97aqgCI87JZfq7M0VSIyqQndZr0book cover2017-23-17-Kent-Monkman-DaddiesBlackBoxHQ-1expojulio-768x481cropped-janaya_icontumblr_inline_nzuc4raokT1ryebc8_500Mike & panel National Gallery, Feb 28, 2017tumblr_o74iuu1ywi1uasoyfo1_500f0b43917c9d478653283521a184d4a44


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