Jorge Lozano Reports (2018)

Check out the beautiful volume, designed by Alexandra Gelis, here. Published by Canadian Film Institute and Pleasure Dome in 2018. Contents Introduction 12 1970s Theatre of It by Jorge Lozano 16 EVENT 1 by John Greyson 18 1980s Untitled by … Continue reading

On Artists

Dennis Day

Getting It: an interview with Dennis Day (2013) Mike: You’ve been at work in the video fields for so long, watching its many forms and incarnations. It’s hard to imagine that video was once rare, with expensive, difficult-to-use machines requiring … Continue reading

On Artists

Amanda Dawn Christie

Fallen Flags: an interview with Amanda Dawn Christie (2010) Mike: Can you tell me about Helen Hill? Amanda: I met Helen Hill shortly after moving to the big city (Halifax is the big city for anyone growing up in the … Continue reading


Frances Leeming (Toronto, 2018)

The Orientation Express by Frances Leeming Eyeblink: Smash the Patriarchy (Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery, Pleasure Dome, Gardiner) Gardiner Museum, Toronto, May 18, 2018 Let’s begin with a distinction too crude to be true. There are two kinds of artists. The … Continue reading

On Artists

Elida Schogt

Silent Songs: an interview with Elida Schogt (2013) Mike: Your earliest work in film seemed already fully formed, and arrived as a trilogy of personal Holocaust tales, strained through the family. Can you talk about what led you to pick … Continue reading


The Right Question

After the endless hand-twisting debates around race in Canada’s artist movie portals – in production co-ops, in distribution joints, in cinematheques and fests – why are they still so very white? This was a question posed at an official gathering … Continue reading

On Artists

Ali Kazimi

Shooting Indians: An interview with Ali Kazimi (2010) Mike: What role did film play in your formative years? Ali: My father was the General Manager for Kodak’s New Delhi operations, so I grew up in a middle class, largely English-speaking … Continue reading

On Artists

Francisca Duran

Trust: An interview with Franci Duran (2010) Mike: Were pictures always important to you? When you were growing up (was it here, in Toronto, or in the other place where pictures come from?) were there already pictures you longed to … Continue reading

On Artists

Darren O’Donnell

Between Haircuts by Children and The Best Sex I Ever Had: an interview with Darren O’Donnell (2011) Mike: Your apartment is smothered with sheets of paper that read: Health. Health. Health. What’s that about? Darren: It’s top secret. It was … Continue reading

On Artists

Julieta Maria

Precarious Landscapes: a studio visit with Julieta Maria by Alexandra Gelis, Rea McNamara and Mike Hoolboom (March 2017) Julieta: I began painting in the nineties. It started as a weekend activity but became nearly a full time activity before coming … Continue reading


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