Shorts and Shortages (Sept 2019)

an afternoon workshop at the Winterthur Film Fest, organized by the indefatigable Laura Walde Footnotes I have no memory of giving this talk, and it seems that words are spontaneously coming out of my mouth, which seems unlikely, this … Continue reading

On Artists

Martha and Christine Baillie

Sister Language Booklaunch September 18, 2019 Problem Let’s begin with one of the first things that Christina writes in the book. I take it as a kind of pronouncement, a mini-manifesto, that is at the same time a question. How … Continue reading


Organizing Light (Sept 2019)

lighting workshop with Camilo Constain Toronto, September 29, 2019 l. You can light by unlighting. Use small black cloths or black boards. They can absorb light coming from white walls or windows. Subtracting light can increase contrast. You can use … Continue reading


The Screen Touches Back (Sept 2019)

The Screen Touches Back by Mike Hoolboom and Alena Koroleva Draft notes for Alena Koroleva’s 4-part program The Screen Touches Back, presented at Message to Man Festival, St Petersburg, Russia Sept. 14-21 2019 My most important memories are not my … Continue reading


Christine Lucy Latimer (2019)

Christine Lucy Latimer: Media Archaeologist Check out the beautiful volume, designed by Sean Kilby Smith-McGregor, here. Published by Conversalon and Canadian Film Institute, 2019. Contents Introduction A Conversation With Christine Lucy Latimer by Leslie Supnet To Christine Lucy Latimer by … Continue reading


Dad and Russia: an interview with Andrey Zakharyev (July 2019)

(first published in Pacific Meridian Film Festival Daily) Andrey Zakharyev: Every birthday your father said that he was 27. How old are you? What age do you really feel? Mike: Apparently my father’s insistence on being 27 was shared by … Continue reading


Phillip Barker (2018)

Check out the beautiful volume, designed by Sean Scoffield, here. Published by Phillip Barker and Pleasure Dome in 2018. Contents Introduction by Mike Hoolboom Search Lights: The Films of Phillip Barker by Tom McSorley Soul Cages script Origins: an interview … Continue reading

Judy versus Capitalism (62 minutes 2020)


Judy versus Capitalism (62 minutes 2020)


l. Family TV announcer: The name Judy Rebick is synonymous with feminism in Canada. She’s the former president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. She was also the woman who blocked a man from stabbing Dr. … Continue reading

Judy versus Capitalism (62 minutes 2020)


A bio-doc about my pal Judy Rebick: iconic second wave Canadian feminist, radical activist, journalist and writer. She is the founding publisher of, Canada’s irreverent progressive online news source, and a former president of the National Action Committee on … Continue reading


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