Alexandra Gelis (2021)

Alexandra Gelis (2021) download (14.1MB PDF) Contents Introduction by Mike Hoolboom and Clint Enns Introduction by Alexandra Gelis Movies English for Beginners by Rebecca Garrett English for Beginners by Alexandra Gelis One Dollar Click by Scott Birdwise One Dollar Click … Continue reading

On Artists

Althea Thauberger

Out of Bounds: an interview with Althea Thauberger (2008) Mike: Well, here we are in Skypeland. You grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, an evangelical faith that feels the touch of the world’s end in present events, and refuses state … Continue reading

On Artists

Dana Claxton

The Patient Storm: an interview with Dana Claxton (2007) Mike: I wonder if you could tell us about the place we’re sitting right now. Who does this land belong to? Whose property are we appropriating right now? Dana: I thought … Continue reading

On Artists

Lisa Steele

Beginnings: an interview with Lisa Steele (2008) Mike: You were born in Kansas City in 1947. It was the year that Jackie Robinson became the first black player to play in major league baseball. Can you talk a little about … Continue reading

On Artists

Kim Tomczak

Life after Painting: an interview with Kim Tomczak (2008) Mike: Perhaps we could begin with your name. Were you always a Kim? I can’t help thinking of Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue, a tune I listened to endless summers … Continue reading

On Artists

Sarah Abbott

Lizard: an interview with Sarah Abbott (2008) Mike: I have no memory of my childhood, but there are a few surviving pictures and these are more than enough. In each I am striking a pose suitable to my age, it … Continue reading

On Artists

Stephen Andrews

Zero is a Lens: an interview with Stephen Andrews (2005-12) How is it possible that anyone can talk like this? That’s what I keep thinking as Stephen rolls out the bon mots, as if he’s a living novel. I was … Continue reading

On Artists

John Greyson

Protest Songs: an interview with John Greyson (2012) John: I was born in Nelson, British Columbia. My dad was going through grad school and taking alternate years off to support the family, so we moved between Nelson and Eugene, Oregon. … Continue reading

On Artists

Elle Flanders

Surviving Memories: an interview with Elle Flanders (2012) Elle: I was born in Montreal but moved to Israel when I was six. Defining moments remained unnoticed until I was old enough to understand the nuances. Everything came back in a … Continue reading

On Artists

Jenn E. Norton

Monsters: an interview with Jenn E. Norton (2009) Mike: I was recently chatting with a friend who remarked that the instance of female artists who were able to sustain a practice as well as being a mother was stunningly low. … Continue reading


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