Mike Hoolboom

Studying the Self January 2015

Talk delivered at Gravity on January 20, 2015 Words I don’t know how it is for you, but my world feels like it’s filled with words. Out of the radio, out of cars, the mouths of strangers, in text messages … Continue reading

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Funnel: A History

Funnel news and posters 1976-89

1976 The Funnel began as a series of super 8 open screenings at CEAC (Centre for Experimental Arts and Communication) a four storey warehouse on 15 Duncan Street. The screenings were organized by Janet Sadel, who headed up the Canadian Super … Continue reading



Mediawave Festival (January 2015)

How well I remember receiving the first call to arms from the Mediawave Festival. It was something i couldn’t have managed alone, in that moment, in those days, we didn’t do anything alone. There were many of us gathered in … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

Dust December 2014

Sitting There have been so many nights of Gravity, so many nights of practice, and when we sit together we are expressing our solidarity with those sitters, we are sitting with them, sometimes it’s like walking with the breeze in … Continue reading



All Things Shining: an interview with Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin (Oct 2014)

Originally published in Transit (in Spanish!) http://cinentransit.com/encuentro-con-mike-hoolboom/ and Lola (in English) http://www.lolajournal.com/5/hoolboom.html. Extended gratitudes for the heroic translation efforts of Cristina to make it possible. Cristina Álvarez: The three retrospective programs at the Curtocircuíto festival offered a very small percentage of your total … Continue reading



Hands Up Don’t Shoot (November 2014)

Why don’t we start with fear? I’m scared to stand up here today and talk about something that I don’t know enough about. And I’m even more scared not to try and say something, even though I know it won’t … Continue reading



Research 2 (October 2014)

Three years ago I decided, against the stomach brain of intuition, to go back to school, and become part of a university, a university not unlike this one. And I wrote this sentence: “Perhaps inevitably, after all these years living … Continue reading


Writings on Mike Hoolboom

The Fringe Membrane 

by Adrian Martin (2014)

Originally published in de Filmkrant, November 2014 At the Curtocircuíto festival in Santiago de Compostela in October, a small but intense retrospective was devoted to the Canadian filmmaker Mike Hoolboom. Mike is not the kind of director who hordes and … Continue reading



The Second Kind of Artist: an interview by Michael Pattison (Oct 2014)

Originally published on MUBI website. Is being photographed the only way to cheat death? Ask Mike Hoolboom, in whose Public Lighting (2004) the question is posed. Presented on 8 October as part of a retrospective of his work at the … Continue reading

    1965Courtroom3OFAVASvsOntCensorBoardFeb9-83My beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture4 St. Patrick, 1975, Bourgeoise ArtDestructivist Art 1975Katchibatta, CEAC Sept. 18, 1976Erica Larner 1975Marlene Elasz Studio Performance 14 St. Patrick Street 1975 1Marlene Elasz Studio Performance 14 St. Patrick Street 1975 2Marlene Elasz Studio Performance 14 St. Patrick Street 1975 3


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