Writings on Mike Hoolboom

To the Wonder: The films of Mike Hoolboom by Michael Pattison (2014)

Originally published in: Curtocircuito Festival Catalogue, October 2014 Positive is a double-edged sword in the cinema of Mike Hoolboom. On the one hand, when the Toronto-born filmmaker was diagnosed with HIV amidst the confusion, ignorance and prejudice that pervaded the … Continue reading


Curtocircuito Festival (October 2014)

Santiago de Compostela, October 6-11, 2014 Program One Public Lighting (76 minutes 2004) Re-edited just weeks before this screening! (so this ten year old movie is new again, though I couldn´t help contemplate further editorial revisions even as it spooled … Continue reading



Becoming a Question (October 2014)

Talk delivered at Curtocircuito Festival, Santiago de Compostela, October 9, 2014 Question When I was a young person, like you, I was driven by the need to find the answers. Perhaps it was the taste of an answer, the delicious … Continue reading

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Safety Film Collection

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Safety Film Collection


title: Safety Picture Collection titles: I never had much faith in numbers, that was my father’s job, or used to be, before he forgot that too. But ever since becoming HIV positive back in the dark ages, I can’t help … Continue reading

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Safety Film Collection


Safety Film Collection 25 minutes 2014 A found footage collection of 26 AIDS adverts. Freud uncovered the mysterious connection between language and bodies at the same moment that moving pictures provided new behavior modellings. How do pictures change desire, or … Continue reading

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Second Nature (2014)

second nature 3

Second Nature (2014)


Prelude and Title Image: LS fade in night house, Ramona telescope, CU eye, night sky, aerial shots night city, title superimposed: Second Nature Scene 1: Lost in the Wilderness Image: cars at night (5), cars day (4), aerial tracking shot … Continue reading


Second Nature (2014)


Second Nature (35 minutes 2014) A primatologist and sex researcher uncover love as a test case, while weighing in on Palestine, power and bonobos. Love as border crossing, naming as: entitlement, staking claim, ancestor worship. Skin as boundary patrol, sex … Continue reading


On Artists

Martin Rumsby

To the ones who say yes and no, Some people study to become anthropologists, others are born that way. Martin Rumsby has been an anthropologist of the heart for many decades now, scouring the backrooms of North America in search … Continue reading

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