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Scrapbook: an interview with Mo Gourmelon (May 2016)

Mo is the director of La Saison Video, an online portal (http://www.saisonvideo.com) that pairs movies that are temporarily on view. In late 2016 Scrapbook (18 minutes 2015) will be paired with Watch My Back (part one) (10 minutes 2010) by … Continue reading



Ghost Stories: an interview by Sammy Roach (May 2016)

Sammy: The title of your screening is “Ghost Stories.” What does that title mean to you? Mike: For the opening of Bill Copley’s 1953 painting show in Paris, Marcel Duchamp designed square candy wrappers that were dished to guests. Each … Continue reading


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports 1. Image: Starting line of the race At the starting line Deleuze and Guattari offer me a picture of psychoanalysis. Never mind a cure, it’s all about agility. It’s not about improvement, it’s about being able to keep … Continue reading


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports (70 minutes 2016) “After a purported bike accident, the nameless amnesiac undertakes audio-visual therapy by producing a series of one-minute shots through the streets of Toronto. The result is an episodic love letter set against the city’s intimacies … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

Becoming a mother April 2016

I wanted to say a few words about mothers, about becoming a mother. The name of this talk is called becoming a mother. I wonder if we could go round the room and everyone would say the first word that … Continue reading


On Artists

Taravat Khalili

I Used to Love Snow: an interview with Taravat Khalili (Spring 2016) Taravat: In Tehran, I remember looking out the window at the snow coming down and being happy about it because I knew we wouldn’t have school the next … Continue reading


On Artists

Caspar Stracke

Notes on the invisible: Caspar Stracke’s Doppel “Subtly, subtly, they become invisible; wondrously, wondrously, they become soundless—they are thus able to be their enemies’ Fates.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War When I’m inside my house I don’t see it. … Continue reading


On Artists

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli

Fragment 53 by Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli and Federico Lodoli 71 minutes 2015 Is it the most dangerous movie at the (Ann Arbor) festival? In this harrowing journey the artists present us with a suite of seven encounters recorded in Liberia … Continue reading


On Artists

Brett Story

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes by Brett Story 90 minutes 2016 Where have our prisons gone? Brett Story’s elegant twelve-step reply shows how America’s obsession with incarceration has woven itself deeply into the ongoing class war. Criss-crossing the United States, … Continue reading

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