Guest Speakers

Five Slogans by Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche

Notes on a talk by Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche (August 12, 2014) Practitioners who receive teachings hope to realize them in body, speech and mind. Once they are embodied, teachings become a genuine confidence in all practices in order to cut … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

Right Effort and the Question of Privilege August 2014

Talk given at Gravity (at Downward Dog) in Toronto, August 12, 2014 Just sitting For anyone here who has a sitting practice, or even if you’ve just tried it once or twice by yourself, to sit in meditation at home, … Continue reading



Reading David Rimmer (2014)

Why not download this lovely book as a PDF? reading_david_rimmer_cfmdc_2014_final This book gathers voices across six decades of response to David Rimmer’s work, sometimes as personal missive or newspaper brief, sometimes as academic pronouncement or historical visitation. David was fortunate to … Continue reading


On Artists

Sigmund Freud

Becoming Freud by Adam Phillips (2014) But the real scandal of Freud’s work at this time… was his discovery of just how ingenious and disturbing modern people had become as the unconscious artists of their own lives. It was their … Continue reading



Pain, Performance, and Politics in Yoga: a Conversation with Mike Hoolboom and Matthew Remski (June 2014)

My general policy with the interviews for this project has been to maintain the anonymity of my subjects so that they can speak freely of yoga injury experiences that involve particular teachers and studios without fear of social, professional, or … Continue reading



Your Face Arrived (St. Catharines, 2014)

Niagara Artists Centre April, St. Catharines 2-June 7, 2014 Your Face Arrived brings two deeply personal, multi-award winning AIDS movies into conversation. Frank’s Cock was made in the heat of the plague years, fueled by Callum Keith Rennie’s blood perfect … Continue reading



Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (2014)

WUFF is thrilled to present two acclaimed works by one of Canada’s most important and challenging figures in independent cinema. Mike Hoolboom has produced more than fifty films and videos since 1980 and has written prolifically on art and cinema … Continue reading

USA. Denver, Colorado. 2013.

Michael Stone

Old Maps May 6, 2014

Notes on a talk at Centre of Gravity by Michael Stone, May 6, 2014 First and Last I’m touched there’s many people here tonight. This will be the last time we’ll meet like this, so why not go back to … Continue reading


Michael Stone

Noting in the Empire of Selfies April 8, 2014

Notes on a talk by Michael Stone, April 8, 2014 at Centre of Gravity Jerry Jerry Durlack found out he had cancer, and while he wasn’t afraid of the cancer, or of dying, he was scared of the pain that … Continue reading



Anthology Film Archives New York (2014)

SHOW & TELL: MIKE HOOLBOOM April 19, 20, 2014 Each of our quarterly calendars contains hundreds of films and videos all grouped into a number of series or categories. Along with preservation screenings, theatrical premieres, thematic series, and retrospectives, we’re … Continue reading



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