Mike Hoolboom

How do we hide from ourselves? June 2016

Jealous Gods Jealous gods could also be named ego functions (taming, mastery, self-control, adaptation) Mindful These gods (what am I worshipping now?) could be rewired for mindfulness (moment-to-moment awareness). Meditation re-orients ego functions away from possessing things, towards awareness. Anger/energy … Continue reading



Scrapbook: an interview with Vincent Poli (June 2016)

Originally published in: (FIDMarseille Daily) Vincent: How did you arrive at the idea of re-using images 40 years after they had been made? Did you have to go through a lot of Jeffrey Paull’s images while making the selections for your … Continue reading

scrapbook 1b


Scrapbook: an interview with Mo Gourmelon (May 2016)

Mo is the director of La Saison Video, an online portal (http://www.saisonvideo.com) that pairs movies that are temporarily on view. In late 2016 Scrapbook (18 minutes 2015) will be paired with Watch My Back (part one) (10 minutes 2010) by … Continue reading



Ghost Stories: an interview by Sammy Roach (May 2016)

Sammy: The title of your screening is “Ghost Stories.” What does that title mean to you? Mike: For the opening of Bill Copley’s 1953 painting show in Paris, Marcel Duchamp designed square candy wrappers that were dished to guests. Each … Continue reading


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports 1. Image: Starting line of the race At the starting line Deleuze and Guattari offer me a picture of psychoanalysis. Never mind a cure, it’s all about agility. It’s not about improvement, it’s about being able to keep … Continue reading


Incident Reports (2016)


Incident Reports (70 minutes 2016) “After a purported bike accident, the nameless amnesiac undertakes audio-visual therapy by producing a series of one-minute shots through the streets of Toronto. The result is an episodic love letter set against the city’s intimacies … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

Becoming a mother April 2016

I wanted to say a few words about mothers, about becoming a mother. The name of this talk is called becoming a mother. I wonder if we could go round the room and everyone would say the first word that … Continue reading


On Artists

Taravat Khalili

I Used to Love Snow: an interview with Taravat Khalili (Spring 2016) Taravat: In Tehran, I remember looking out the window at the snow coming down and being happy about it because I knew we wouldn’t have school the next … Continue reading


On Artists

Caspar Stracke

Notes on the invisible: Caspar Stracke’s Doppel “Subtly, subtly, they become invisible; wondrously, wondrously, they become soundless—they are thus able to be their enemies’ Fates.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War When I’m inside my house I don’t see it. … Continue reading

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