Writings on Mike Hoolboom

Fringe Dreams by Karl-Gilbert Murray (2015)

Originally published in Festival of Films on Art Catalogue, Montreal, 2015 Of Dutch-Indonesian origin, Mike Hoolboom is a filmmaker, critic and curator who emerged in the mid-1990s as one of the most prolific experimental media artists in Canada. After graduating in … Continue reading


On Artists

Ben Rivers

Ben Rivers’ movie Things (21 minutes 2014) is shot with such confidence. Shot through with confidence. And this confidence has an energy in it that runs from a deep and subterranean place (the place where Julie Murray finds her butterflies, … Continue reading


On Artists

Jill Godmilow

Jill Godmilow introduction (almost given at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 2015 before a screening of Jill’s What Farocki Taught (I came late) Yesterday afternoon Tacita Dean said that film had four essential qualities, she offered up a list … Continue reading



Archive (March 2015)

Museum Here in this beautiful museum, in the frame where we can come together to perform a kind of public memory. It’s almost like being in the cinema it’s a memory that everyone performs by themselves, and with everyone else … Continue reading


On Artists

George Kuchar

When I watch a movie that costs ten dollars or when I watch a movie that costs a hundred million dollars, I am looking for roots. Are the pictures we are seeing coming out of roots, do the pictures have … Continue reading


Writings on Mike Hoolboom

In the Hold of Life by Jim Supanick (2015)

Originally published in: Your Face Arrived, a catalogue published by the Niagara Artists Centre There is a degree of sleeplessness, of rumination, of the historical sense, which is harmful and ultimately fatal to the living thing, whether this living thing … Continue reading


Writings on Mike Hoolboom

Looking Back, Looking Beyond: Two Films by Mike Hoolboom by Genevieve Yue (2015)

Mike Hoolboom’s Frank’s Cock (1993) and Buffalo Death Mask (2013) are both structured as reminiscences, dialogue-driven accounts of a time in the mid-nineties when the AIDS epidemic was at its deadliest. In the former, Callum Rennie delivers a monologue about … Continue reading



Montreal (March 2015)

Fringe Dreams by Karl-Gilbert Murray Of Dutch-Indonesian origin, Mike Hoolboom is a filmmaker, critic and curator who emerged in the mid-1990s as one of the most prolific experimental video artists in Canada. After graduating in media arts from Sheridan College in … Continue reading


Mike Hoolboom

Studying the Self January 2015

Talk delivered at Gravity on January 20, 2015 Words I don’t know how it is for you, but my world feels like it’s filled with words. Out of the radio, out of cars, the mouths of strangers, in text messages … Continue reading

0.7b march 8-12 1978 1

Funnel: A History

Funnel news and posters 1976-89

1976 The Funnel began as a series of super 8 open screenings at CEAC (Centre for Experimental Arts and Communication) a four storey warehouse on 15 Duncan Street. The screenings were organized by Janet Sadel, who headed up the Canadian Super … Continue reading



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