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Chris Kennedy

Phantom Windows: an interview with Chris Kennedy (July 2017) Mike: What is the point of artists making movies? Youtube is jammed with DIY expressions, and for those requiring more structure there’s always Netflix or even the local multiplex. What are … Continue reading

On Artists

Nicholas Kovats

It was Holy: an interview with Nicholas Kovats (May 2017) Mike: How did you get interested in movies? Nick: I think the substantial virus was embedded as a 12-year old. My father packed the kids in a 70s-era station wagon … Continue reading

Mike Hoolboom

Upright July 16, 2017

I remember Michael Stone saying that when the end came, he hoped he would be sitting upright, perhaps even in the traditional posture of meditation, which he had spent so many hours upholding, leading by example, sitting with his tall … Continue reading

On Artists

Leslie Supnet

In Defence of the Poor Image. An interview with Leslie Supnet (2014) Mike: You’ve moved to Toronto from your home in Winnipeg. In this mythically multicultural hub, the avant scene for movies remains pretty steadfastly white, I wonder if it … Continue reading


Canadian Fringe Media Artist by Jitka Lanšperková (March 2017)

Mike Hoolboom – Canadian Fringe Media Artist: an interview by Jitka Lanšperková (March 2017) Published in dokrevue, Spring 2017 If we try to characterise Canadian author Mike Hoolboom as a filmmaker, we encounter a director who long ago freed himself from … Continue reading


Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (June, 2017)

HIFF is honoured to welcome Mike Hoolboom, winner of the 2017 Governor General’s Award in Media Arts for a retrospective entitled “In this Body.” Mike Hoolboom is an image maker, author, journalist, arts advocate, and one of the most prolific … Continue reading


27 thoughts about my Dad

27 thoughts about my Dad March 15,1929-June 9, 2017 27. Every year on his birthday we asked him how old he was. He would always reply 27. For many years we looked at each other with wide-open eyes. 27? We … Continue reading

On Artists

Clint Enns

Bending Circuits: An Interview with Clint Enns (revised June 2017) Mike Hoolboom: I’ve been having a chitchat with artist-run centre mainstay Clive Robertson who insists there is no such thing as an art community, not even as an inconvenient fiction. … Continue reading


Lesley Loksi Chan: The Storyteller (Winnipeg, 2017)

Winnipeg Cinematheque June 23, 2017 One of the most important new voices in Canadian narrative cinema, Lesley Loksi Chan was born to make movies. Her genius is that she fully embraces, or so it seems, the place she actually is. … Continue reading


This Landscape Tells Stories: Caroline Monnet and Sky Hopinka (Toronto, 2017)

This Landscape Tells Stories: Caroline Monnet and Sky Hopinka Friday June 22, 2017 7:30 Doors/8 Screening $8/$5 members + students @ CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue In the past decade these First Nations artists have lit up screens with a fabulous … Continue reading


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