Leaving The Theatre (Fall 1989)

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Volume 11, No. 1 – Fall 1989
Editor: Mike Hoolboom, Designer: Peter Dudar

The Paradoxes of Writing Music for the People or for Posterity by Robert Everett-Green – 1
The Battle of the Avant-Garde Ancients and Moderns: or What I Learned at Toronto’s International Experimental Film Congress by William Wees – 3
A Conflict of Interests by Jane Evans – 5
The Future of an Illusion by Martin Rumsby – 7
Film Trek by Isabelle Rousset – 10
A House Full of Water: an interview with Philip Barker by Paul Couillard – 14
Wyn Geleynse by Joseph Wyatt – 17
An Exploration of the Nesting Metaphors of a Projected Projection by Peter Gibson – 18
Crossing Over: an interview with Paula Fairfield by James MacSwain – 19
Atlantic Names by James MacSwain – 22
Culture, Aesthetic and Obsession: The Winnipeg Film Group by MB Duggan – 24
Flatland films by W. Scheff – 29
NY Letter by Tom Chomont – 31
Working the Margin in the City of Light by John Gagné – 34
Announcements – 40