Independent Eye Magazine

While working at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre I started up a magazine called the Independent Eye. I had already set to work revamping the artists’ files which soon overflowed with correspondence and new frame enlargements and everything these artists had ever scratched out on menus and bar coasters. There were council grants and drawings from childhood, interviews, rumours, and whatever I could glean from undusted shelves and basement drawers. Some of this material was too fine to be stowed away for passing notables, it needed to get out where perfect strangers might encounter it. I edited the first five issues then left for Vancouver. Four issues followed before tents were folded.

The Ends of Ending (Fall 1998)

Avant Garde’s Contemporary Paradox by Bart Testa – 3
Letter by Peter Lipskis – 3
Film: The Medium About To Be Lost by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill – 4
On The Edge by Peter Rose – 6
Experimental Film by Leila Sujir – 11
Letter from Martin Rumsby – 11
Jack Chambers by Stan Brakhage -12
The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Bruce Elder – 13
Un Mes Y Medio (A Month and a Half) by Isabelle Rousset – 15
Passing Through/Torn Formations by Philip Hoffman – 15
What We Will Know by Ellie Epp – 16
Untitled Film by Fenway Crane – 17
Part One: 13 Encounters with Images by Jeffrey Paull – 18
Nothing Personal by Al Razutis – 21
Desire in Ruins by Smile – 23

Reinventing the Wheel (Winter 1989)

Cinedementia – 4
The Avant Garde, into the ‘80s by Steve Anker – 6
Gently Down the Stream by Su Friedrich – 12
Body and Time: The Films of Barbara Sternberg by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski – 13
Her Soil is Gold, Iconography of Venus, There is in Power… Seduction, The Tyranny of Architecture by Annette Mangaard – 16
Ville? Quelle Ville? by Midi Onodera – 19
Richard Raxlen: A Letter – 20
Peter Lipskis: A Letter – 20
Ann Gronau Interview by Mike Hoolboom – 21
Female Spectatorship by W5 – 30
Nicaragua, Sandanista, Reagan, Mediashun by Media-Counter – 32
On Becoming a Resident Alien by Raphael Bendahan – 33
The Forer Structured Sentence Completion Test – 35
Stan Douglas Talks at YYZ – 36
The Art of Animation in Toronto by Ellen Besen – 40
Announcements, Congratulations, News – 41
New Films – 42

Desire In Ruins (Summer 1989)

Journal Notes from ‘Endangered’ by Barbara Hammer – 2
Colour Separation: Yestertech and Beyond by Peter Lipskis – 5
April 28, 1989 by Ann Marie Fleming – 8
Untitled by David Rimmer – 12
Chris Gallagher Interview, 177 by Georg Csaba koller – 14
Seeing in the Rain by Marilyn Jull – 17
Letter from Bruce Baillie – 18
Letter from Kirk Tougas – 18
The Painted Word by Joanne Yamaguchi – 19
1. Charm, Value, Ethic, Tactic & Gender, in Writing by Ellie Epp – 21
Finishing Says by Fumiko Kiyooka – 23
Moving Zero Point: The Grace of the Sign of Grace by Oliver Hockenhull – 24
Al Razutis: Under the Sign of the Beast – 26
En Garde: Echoes in the Museum of an Official Canadian Avant Garde (Maria Insell, Michael Snow, Patricia Gruben, David Rimmer, Joyce Wieland, Ross McLaren, Lenore Coutts, Al Razutis) – 33
Human on My Faithless Arm: an interview with Valerie Tereszko by Christine Swiderski – 43
Announcements – 45

Leaving The Theatre (Fall 1989)

The Paradoxes of Writing Music for the People or for Posterity by Robert Everett-Green – 1
The Battle of the Avant-Garde Ancients and Moderns: or What I Learned at Toronto’s International Experimental Film Congress by William Wees – 3
A Conflict of Interests by Jane Evans – 5
The Future of an Illusion by Martin Rumsby – 7
Film Trek by Isabelle Rousset – 10
A House Full of Water: an interview with Philip Barker by Paul Couillard – 14
Wyn Geleynse by Joseph Wyatt – 17
An Exploration of the Nesting Metaphors of a Projected Projection by Peter Gibson – 18
Crossing Over: an interview with Paula Fairfield by James MacSwain – 19
Atlantic Names by James MacSwain – 22
Culture, Aesthetic and Obsession: The Winnipeg Film Group by MB Duggan – 24
Flatland films by W. Scheff – 29
NY Letter by Tom Chomont – 31
Working the Margin in the City of Light by John Gagné – 34
Announcements – 40

Germany: Over The Wall (Spring 1990)

Experimental Film in the Federal Republic of Germany Today by Alf Bold – 2
We Are All Monsters: an interview with Birgit Hein – 6
The Films of Dore O. – 13
Berlin Super 8: The Architecture of Division by Keith Sanborn – 20
I Was Tired of the Super 8 Ghetto: an interview with Steff Ulbrich – 31
Death, Obsession and Cinema: an interview in two parts with Michael Brynntrup – 37
Guns, Girls and Guerillas: an interview with Penelope Buitenhuis – 42
Fascism and the Fantastic: an interview with Stephan Sachs – 50
Okay, That’s Enough: an interview with Klaus Telscher – 58
I’m Not Against Pornography: an interview with Claudia Schillinger – 61
7 Weeks in Europe by Owen O’Toole – 66
Strange Developments in Ecstasy: an interview with Jochen from Schmelzdahin – 70
You Destroy Everything: an interview with Jurgen Reble and Christiane Heuwinkel – 74
Take Courage: an interview with Maija-Lene Rettig – 80
People Are Dying in Front Of Your Shoes: an interview with Thomas Lauks – 84
Old Children and AIDS: an interview with Matthias Mueller – 89
Announcements – 99

The Critical Eye: All Review Issue (Fall 1990)

Contemplating Suicide: Determinations (Oliver Hockenhull) by Fred Camper – 2
Mary, Mary (Anna Gronau) and “A Pentagram for Conjuring the Narrative” by Charles Dillane – 6
Chris Gallagher: Short Films by Jim Shedden and Michael Zyrd – 10
Death Dances On: The Films of Peter Dudar – 13
Book Review: Image and Identity by R. Bruce Elder by Jim Shedden – 21
A Dry and Moving Intensity: 25 Propositions on Chantal Akerman by Ivone Margulies – 28
A Lyric Split: The 8mm Films of Marnie Parrell by Michael Zyrd – 36
Identity and Disavowal in Marian McMahon’s Nursing History by John McCullough – 39
A Language of Flesh and of Roses (Joyce Wieland) by Leila Sujir – 41
Projexions: Peter Sandmark by Craig Masterman – 44
Voices in ?O,Zoo! (Philip Hoffman) by Paul Matusek – 47
Amerika (Al Razutis) and the Destruction Aesthetic by Eric Fergusson – 53
Bibliiography: Recent Books and Journals on Experimental/Avant-garde Film compiled by Michael Zyrd – 59
Announcements and AGM Reports – 63

Continental Shelves (Winter 1991)

Regional Reports
Distribution in the Mysterious East by Gordon Parsons – 3
Pour un Cinema Libre by Claude Forget, translation by Jeanluc Svoboda – 8
(Non) Distribution of Film and Video on the Prairies by Grant Poier – 12
CFDW: A Brief History by Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza – 17

International Reports
Reclaiming Another Desert: Distribution of Film Art in Australia – 18
Distribution in France: An Account ad Some Considerations Concerning Experimental Film by Rose Lowder – 22
Switzerland: Signs of Activity and an Important years Event in Lucerne by Rose Lowder

Points of View
Setting the Focus: Distributing Women’s Work in Canada by Margot Lacroix – 29
Connecting Voices: an interview with Richard Fung by James MacSwain – 32
Finding the Audience: A Review of the Immediate Impact conference by Helen Lee and Michael Zyrd – 38
NFB: Friend or Foe of the Independent Filmmaker? by Bonnie Baker – 43
Thoughts on an Invisible Cinema by Martin Rumsby – 46
Fropm The Diary of a Travelling Film Show by Martin Rumsby – 49
Why The Film You’re making Won’t Be Seen In Canada by Mike Hoolboom – 54

Little Pictures Make me Crazy by John Gagne -62

Announcements Eye Receives Grant, Eye on Newstands, GST, Staff changes at CFMDC, Atlantic Tour of CFMDC Films, Call for submissions, US Distribution Guide – 65

Centering Marginality (Spring/Summer 1991)

A High-Heeled Point of View: an interview with Gwendolyn by Kim Derko – 2
Passonate Dialectics Revisited: Women and Film in the University by Catherine Russell – 9
Sally’s Beauty Spot by Kass Banning – 17
Elements: Lines from a Film I Will Not Make by Ann Marie Fleming – 22
The Problem of Authenticity in Documentary Filmmaking by Yasmin Jiwani – 26
Four Asian Film/Video makers: No Longer Powdered White by Larissa Lai – 31
Negotiating Representation: Notes on Community-Based Film and Video in Canada by Judith Doyle – 36
Privilege: A New Politics of Difference by Brenda Longfellow – 40
A Cautionary Tale: The Lure of Centre in Yvonne Rainer’s Cinema by Ivone Margulies – 48

Answer Print: An open letter from Barbara Sternberg to Leila Sujir on the occasion of seeing several films by Marie Menken for the first time – 59
Announcements – 60

Exhibitionists (Fall 1991)

Interview: Hans Burgschmidt, Projectionist Extraordinaire by Marc Glassman, edited by Wyndham Wise – 5

Exhibitionists: regional reports
The Cinematheque Quebecoise or How to Perpetuate Death by Richard Brouillette, translated by Jeanluc Svoboda – 12
Confessions of a Cinematheque Coordinator or I Wish God Rode a Harley for the Canadian Film Industry by David Barber – 20
Anarchy and Institutions: A Personal View of Independent/Experimental Film Exhibitoin in Vancouver by Peter Lipskis – 26
A Report From the Northwest Territories by Anne Lynagh – 30
Resident Aliens: Canadian Films in Canadian Cinemas or Fixing it in the mix by Gordon Parsons – 34

Exhibitionists: Toronto tales
Confessions of a Cinema Exhibitionist: An Emotional Memoir by Victor Coleman
Make Love Not Films: a nice look back at the days when anarchy was in the U.K., super-8 was Ok and the production, exhibition and distribution of your movie all happened at the same time, in the same place, and in less than a year (sometimes a week or a day) by Donna Lypchuk – 45
A Brief History of the Ontario Film Theatre: an interview with Gerald Pratley by Wyndham Wise – 54

Exhibitionists: Other Voices
The Development of Film Production and Exhibition in the Federal Republic of Germany by Doina Popescu
Peripheral Connections vs. The Consciousness Industry: Three Representational Projects and Their Contexts by David McIntosh – 65

Exhibitionists: addendum
A Brief and Incomplete Chronology of Canada-US Film Relations by Mike Hoolboom – 72

Elements – 77
Answer Print – 80
Announcements – 81