Centering Marginality (Spring/Summer 1991)

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Vol. 12, No. 3 – Spring/Summer 1991
Editor: Shonagh Adelman, Designer: Peter Dudar.

A High-Heeled Point of View: an interview with Gwendolyn by Kim Derko – 2
Passonate Dialectics Revisited: Women and Film in the University by Catherine Russell – 9
Sally’s Beauty Spot by Kass Banning – 17
Elements: Lines from a Film I Will Not Make by Ann Marie Fleming – 22
The Problem of Authenticity in Documentary Filmmaking by Yasmin Jiwani – 26
Four Asian Film/Video makers: No Longer Powdered White by Larissa Lai – 31
Negotiating Representation: Notes on Community-Based Film and Video in Canada by Judith Doyle – 36
Privilege: A New Politics of Difference by Brenda Longfellow – 40
A Cautionary Tale: The Lure of Centre in Yvonne Rainer’s Cinema by Ivone Margulies – 48

Answer Print: An open letter from Barbara Sternberg to Leila Sujir on the occasion of seeing several films by Marie Menken for the first time – 59
Announcements – 60