Continental Shelves (Winter 1991)

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Reports on Independent Film Distribution
Volume 12, No. 2 – Winter 1991
Editor: Paul Couillard, Designer: Peter Dudar.

Regional Reports
Distribution in the Mysterious East by Gordon Parsons – 3
Pour un Cinema Libre by Claude Forget, translation by Jeanluc Svoboda – 8
(Non) Distribution of Film and Video on the Prairies by Grant Poier – 12
CFDW: A Brief History by Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza – 17

International Reports
Reclaiming Another Desert: Distribution of Film Art in Australia – 18
Distribution in France: An Account ad Some Considerations Concerning Experimental Film by Rose Lowder – 22
Switzerland: Signs of Activity and an Important years Event in Lucerne by Rose Lowder

Points of View
Setting the Focus: Distributing Women’s Work in Canada by Margot Lacroix – 29
Connecting Voices: an interview with Richard Fung by James MacSwain – 32
Finding the Audience: A Review of the Immediate Impact conference by Helen Lee and Michael Zyrd – 38
NFB: Friend or Foe of the Independent Filmmaker? by Bonnie Baker – 43
Thoughts on an Invisible Cinema by Martin Rumsby – 46
Fropm The Diary of a Travelling Film Show by Martin Rumsby – 49
Why The Film You’re making Won’t Be Seen In Canada by Mike Hoolboom – 54

Little Pictures Make me Crazy by John Gagne -62

Eye Receives Grant, Eye on Newstands, GST, Staff changes at CFMDC, Atlantic Tour of CFMDC Films, Call for submissions, US Distribution Guide – 65