Exhibitionists (Fall 1991)

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Volume 13, No. 1 – Fall 1991
Editors: Marc Glassman and Wyndham Wise. Designer: Peter Dudar.

Interview: Hans Burgschmidt, Projectionist Extraordinaire by Marc Glassman, edited by Wyndham Wise – 5

Exhibitionists: regional reports
The Cinematheque Quebecoise or How to Perpetuate Death by Richard Brouillette, translated by Jeanluc Svoboda – 12
Confessions of a Cinematheque Coordinator or I Wish God Rode a Harley for the Canadian Film Industry by David Barber – 20
Anarchy and Institutions: A Personal View of Independent/Experimental Film Exhibitoin in Vancouver by Peter Lipskis – 26
A Report From the Northwest Territories by Anne Lynagh – 30
Resident Aliens: Canadian Films in Canadian Cinemas or Fixing it in the mix by Gordon Parsons – 34

Exhibitionists: Toronto tales
Confessions of a Cinema Exhibitionist: An Emotional Memoir by Victor Coleman
Make Love Not Films: a nice look back at the days when anarchy was in the U.K., super-8 was Ok and the production, exhibition and distribution of your movie all happened at the same time, in the same place, and in less than a year (sometimes a week or a day) by Donna Lypchuk – 45
A Brief History of the Ontario Film Theatre: an interview with Gerald Pratley by Wyndham Wise – 54

Exhibitionists: Other Voices
The Development of Film Production and Exhibition in the Federal Republic of Germany by Doina Popescu
Peripheral Connections vs. The Consciousness Industry: Three Representational Projects and Their Contexts by David McIntosh – 65

Exhibitionists: addendum
A Brief and Incomplete Chronology of Canada-US Film Relations by Mike Hoolboom – 72

Elements – 77
Answer Print – 80
Announcements – 81