The Critical Eye: All Review Issue (Fall 1990)

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Volume 11, No. 4 – Fall 1990
Editor: Michael Zyrd. Assistant Editors: Paul Couillard, James MacSwain. Designer: Peter Dudar

Contemplating Suicide: Determinations (Oliver Hockenhull) by Fred Camper – 2
Mary, Mary (Anna Gronau) and “A Pentagram for Conjuring the Narrative” by Charles Dillane – 6
Chris Gallagher: Short Films by Jim Shedden and Michael Zyrd – 10
Death Dances On: The Films of Peter Dudar – 13
Book Review: Image and Identity by R. Bruce Elder by Jim Shedden – 21
A Dry and Moving Intensity: 25 Propositions on Chantal Akerman by Ivone Margulies – 28
A Lyric Split: The 8mm Films of Marnie Parrell by Michael Zyrd – 36
Identity and Disavowal in Marian McMahon’s Nursing History by John McCullough – 39
A Language of Flesh and of Roses (Joyce Wieland) by Leila Sujir – 41
Projexions: Peter Sandmark by Craig Masterman – 44
Voices in ?O,Zoo! (Philip Hoffman) by Paul Matusek – 47
Amerika (Al Razutis) and the Destruction Aesthetic by Eric Fergusson – 53
Bibliiography: Recent Books and Journals on Experimental/Avant-garde Film compiled by Michael Zyrd – 59
Announcements and AGM Reports – 63