Model Citizens script

We got used to being watched all day by the bosses, but this felt different.
There was a machine in the middle of the street, and even though we’d never seen it before, we knew what it was.
Its purpose was to make us look at ourselves.
It would create a spectator inside, watching the movie of our own lives.
How does the saying go? I’m beside myself.

The church had built the first machine. It put a new voice inside us, creating a private relationship with God, so that we would become rulers over ourselves.

The church gave us a voice and the cinema gave us a picture
We would create our new selves out of relationships with imaginary beings. Like God or Humphrey Bogart.

This picture shows us learning the way the machine looks at us, and how we would learn to look at ourselves.
In every face I can see a man doing an impression of a man. We are learning to perform. For each other. For ourselves.