A visual essay about dogs, how they absorb and become pictures, and create democratic alternatives to monopoly capital’s cover story of freedom. This collage of found dog moments underscore reflections on labour, class war and the roots of radical democracy.

Dogs speak many languages, the language of the stream, the forest, the rabbit. But today I’m going to recycle pain into understanding. Isn’t that what language is for you?

The alternative life of dogs is presented in a suite of short scenes in this essay brief. They watch movies differently, greet each other differently, they make art differently. But most importantly, they are counter-culture figures of resistance, offering pathways out of a capitalist monopoly of opinion, of how lives should be led, of what matters most. Dogs are freedom fighters, examplars of new citizens, beings who are made out of each other.

The isolations of social media, the class war disguised by the fog of individual freedoms, the “dazzling special effect” of ideology are all unpacked with touching and humorous examples from the lives of dogs. Dogs are a “living science fiction,” a portal to possible futures.