I measure my life in dogs script

Dogs speak many languages, the language of the stream, the forest, the rabbit. But today I’m going to recycle pain into understanding. Isn’t that what language is for you?

Where did that ugly expression come from: dog eat dog? A dog would never eat another dog, only humans would stoop so low. Dogs are beautiful, are beauty itself. But tell me, why aren’t there beauty contests for the inside of the body?

Tell me what you love and I will tell you who you are.

My refusal of work is also a refusal to internalize the systems of value and exchange which claim that our lives are given meaning through paid employment.

The current function of corporate media has been to isolate each other, to make us distrust our discontent with a world controlled by business. That’s why I watch video art. All dogs prefer video art because we’re smarter than you, though we pretend we’re not so you don’t stop feeding us.

Are artists, as Valera suggests, “those who are useless for anything else?” Or is the answer what Sandro believes: “Making art was really about the problem of the soul, of losing it. It was a technique for inhabiting the world. For not dissolving into it.”

The current class war is based on the notion of the individual, of individual choice and freedom. The inner life therapy demands is a dazzling special effect of ideology. Why? What you call the inside is just a folding of the outside. Most of what supposedly is inside us has been acquired from the wider social field.

When you look at dogs playing with each other, understanding each other, living with each other, you can see the future. We are a living science fiction. But you’ve grown used to living in a world of masters and slaves. You’re a prisoner of your thoughts that turned the whole world into a prison.

Dogs and humans have constructed each other over the past 9000 years as companion species. I am that rare animal that crosses the threshold of your house not to be eaten, but to eat with you. There was a time when humans were prey to the wolf, but together we changed that relationship, and changed ourselves. I was a wolf that became a dog, and you were an ape that became human. This unique political process might be the only proof that radical global democracy is possible.