Wet, Wild and Alone (Ontario Tour 1989)

Wet, Wild and Alone

Originally presented as a touring program in Ontario artist run centres in 1989.

This program was put together when I worked at Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, and was an effort to get some of the work out into an ‘art’ context, and hopefully reach new viewers that didn’t live in cities. Peter Dudar designed the handsome pamphlet, I programmed from our collection and wrote the notes, and our centre, momentarily flush with cash, paid for artist fees and shipping. It is a (rather too obviously) a counterpart to the Cinema of Death program, a title I imagined would bring large audiences clamouring to doors near and far.

A Little Older by Marsha Herle (2.5 minutes 1987)
Reading Between the Lines by Martha Davis (33 minutes 1989)
Oblivion by Tom Chomont (6 minutes silent 1969)
Rhythms of the Heart by Steve Sanguedolce (43 minutes 1990)