Jorge Lozano: Punk War Philosophy (Alucine Festival, Toronto, 2022)

Jorge Lozano: Politics, Necessity, Family (Vancouver Latin American Festival, 2020)

News from the South (Toronto, 2019)

Strange Machines: The Films of Phillip Barker (Montreal+Toronto 2018)

And Belonging (Winterthur, Switzerland 2018)

Jorge Lozano: Reports (Ottawa+Toronto 2018)

Frances Leeming (Toronto, 2018)

Andrew James Paterson (Toronto, 2018)

Letters from Home: Khalik Allah and Nicholas Kovats (Montreal, 2018)

Total Coverage: Chris Kennedy and Rebecca Baron (Toronto, 2017)

redux/time/OUT OF JOINT by Caspar Stracke (Toronto, 2017)

Lesley Loksi Chan: The Storyteller (Winnipeg, 2017)

This Landscape Tells Stories: Caroline Monnet and Sky Hopinka (Toronto, 2017)

Kika Nicolela (Toronto, 2017)

Images Festival (Toronto, 2017)

Documentary New Wave

Sincerely: Kelly O’Brien (Toronto, 2017)

Underground: The Funnel (Toronto, Ottawa 2017)

Illegal (Toronto, 2016)

Madi Piller (Toronto, 2016)

Marcos Arriaga: Memory Trails (Toronto, 2016)

Mike Cartmell: Disasterologies (Toronto, Ottawa, 2016)

Far From Iran (Toronto, 2016)

Cooking with Jorge (Toronto, 2016)

Border Crossings: The Dream Medicine of Alexandra Gelis (Toronto, 2016)

The Beauty Never Ends (Toronto/Montreal 2012)

Portraits (Ann Arbor, 2012)

Projections of Beauty: Made in Canada (Winnipeg Cinematheque, 2011)

Songs of Experience (Mendel Gallery, 2011)

Fear of Flying: Beauty and Power (Sackville, 2010)

Both Sides Now (Winnipeg, 2009)

Frank Cole (Rotterdam, Wroclaw, Jihlava, Cdn Tour 2009-2010)

Wired Empire (Winnipeg, 2008)

Tiger Awards (Rotterdam, 2008)

Impossible Home (Jihlava, 2007)

Colin Campbell Forever (London, 2006)

Lost in Space (Jihlava, 2006)

Are You Clean? (Rotterdam, 2006)

Death Sexy (Jihlava, 2005)

Vila do Condo Jury Notes (2003)

Kika Thorne (Ottawa, 2003)

Kino Arsenal (Berlin, 2003)

Images Festival (Toronto, 2000)

Life Swarms with Innocent Monsters (Splice This!, Blinding Light, 1999)

Local Heroes (Pleasure Dome, Winter 1997)

Inside the Pleasure Dome (Toronto Book Launch, 1997)

The Family: They Fuck You Up (Images Festival, 1996)

They Are Lost to Vision Altogether (Pleasure Dome, 1996))

The Agony of Arousal (Edmonton, 1994)

Archaeologies of Gender (Experimenta, Melbourne, 1994)

Cinematheque Carte Blanche (Toronto, 1993)

Cinema of Death (Ontario Tour 1989)

Pleasure Dome (Toronto 1989-90)

Wet, Wild and Alone (Ontario Tour 1989)

The Adoptees (Regina, 1989)

Richard Kerr (LIFT, 1989)

Avant Garde Benefit Series (Funnel, 1989)

New Waves in Cinema (Rivoli, October 13, 1987)

This Room is a Camera (Funnel, February 14, 1987)

The Loved Ones (Funnel, October 1984)