The Big Show Script
A succession of fourteen intertitles appear onscreen.
The emulsion is hand-processed.
The film is silent.

The Big Show
Please Stand
Please Keep Your Lips Together and Your Teeth Apart
Make A Sound Only You Can Hear
Please Take Both Feet From The Floor

Please Cough Belch or Fart
Make A Sound Only I Can Hear
Is This Like Being In A Foreign Film Without Pictures?
If There Was Only One Image Left In The World Would You Be Alone?
If You Shut Your Eyes Does The Film Stop?
Where Is Your Image Now?

Please Move Both Hands Together
Imagine Yourself Living In A Better Film Than This One. What Would You Do Next?
Do It.

The Big Show002

The Big Show003

The Big Show004

The Big Show006

The Big Show007

The Big Show008

The Big Show009

The Big Show010

The Big Show011

The Big Show012b

The Big Show013