Buffalo Death Mask credits

Director, Writer, Editor: Mike Hoolboom
Camera: Mike Hoolboom, Steve Sanguedolce, Philip Hoffman, John Price
Digital Magics: Jared Raab
Audio Fixes: Phil Strong
Digital Transfer: Frame Discreet

screening format: digital file
length: 22 minutes
Sound: stereo, Dolby A
Colour and black and white
year of production: 2013
country of production: Canada

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Phil Hoffman, Mike Cartmell, Stephen Andrews, Mike Hoolboom, Taravat Khalili, Louise Bak, Kerri Sakamoto, Christi-an Slomka, Patricia Rockman, Esma Moukhtar.

Music: Machinefabriek, Jasper Tx
Excerpts from The Perils of Pedagogy by John Greyson used with permission.