Wind at Experimental Brasil Festival (July, 2023)

Author: an interview with Francesca Ous (November, 2022)

Walls of Fear: an interview by Marija  Katalinić (September 27, 2022)

Freedom from Everything by Alena Koroleva (March 2022)

Let’s Remember That We Have Bodies Together: an interview with Salome Kokoladze (Oct 2020)

Capitalism and its Discontents: an interview by Dirk DeBruyn (January 2020)

Touch Memory with Andrea Slovakova (Oct 2020)

Friends: an interview with Yves Tremblay (Oct 2020)

The metamorphosis of body-cinema by Bruno Di Marino (Nov 2019)

Dad and Russia: an interview with Andrey Zakharyev (July 2019)

Happiness is Political with Vicky Moufawad-Paul and Jorge Lozano (July 2019)

In Short: an interview with Maricke Nieuwdorp (January 2019)

Enemies Into Music: an interview with Jamie Dunn (April 2018)

Canadian Fringe Media Artist by Jitka Lanšperková (March 2017)

Imperfect Happiness: an interview by Marta Berto (Alchemy Festival, Scotland) (February 2017)

The Funnel: an interview by Chris Kennedy (January 2017)

Form is Content: an interview with Samuel Staples (November 2016)

Curiosity: an interview with Mike Hoolboom by Matteo Marelli (November 2016)

Little by Little: an interview with Mike Hoolboom by Gerry Fialka (October 2016)

Twice Told Tales: an interview with David Davidson (July 2016)

Scrapbook: an interview with Vincent Poli (June 2016)

Scrapbook: an interview with Mo Gourmelon (May 2016)

Ghost Stories: an interview by Sammy Roach (May 2016)

All Things Shining: an interview with Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin (Oct 2014)

The Second Kind of Artist: an interview by Michael Pattison (Oct 2014)

Pain, Performance, and Politics in Yoga: a Conversation with Mike Hoolboom and Matthew Remski (June 2014)

Practice and Revolution: an interview with Chase Joynt (Dec 2013)

Words and Pictures: an interview with John Wisniewski (Fall 2013)

Candid Camera by Jennifer McPhee (Summer 2013)

Festival Life: an interview with Mike Hoolboom by Jane Kim (May 2013)

Not Knowing: an interview by Rebecca Lugo and Christine Wang (March 2013)

Lacan Palestine screening aftertalk (December 2012)

The Risk of Having a Face: Chase Joynt and Mike Hoolboom (December 2012)

Mark Interviews (2009-2010)

Ethics of Light: an interview by Amanda Dawn Christie (2010)

Well Known Secrets: an interview by Arshad Khan (2009)

The Pleasures of Waiting: Jean Perret and Mike Hoolboom in Jihlava (October 2009)

Showing Pictures: a conversation with Yann Beauvais and Mike Hoolboom (2009)

Good Candy: Jason Anderson (December 2008)

The Steve Machine (a novel) interview (2008)

Borrowed Time and Stealing Pictures: Owen Sheppard (2008)

Action Figure Re-mix: Nadia Tan and Olga Barsky (January 2007)

Visible City interviews (2007)

Fascination Interviews (2006)

My Body is a Picture: An Interview by Colin Geary (2006)

The Invisible Man interviews (2005)

Public Lighting Interviews (2004)

Imitations of Life Interview (2003)

Tom Interview (2002)

Panic Bodies Interviews (1998)

House of Pain Interviews (1995)

Dirk de Bruyn Interview (1993)

Francis Crant Interview (1992)