Writings on Mike Hoolboom

Father Auditions by Laura Busetta

MUTA2020: Judy versus Capitalism by Mónica Delgado (July 2020)

Mike Hoolboom: Plunderer, Looter, Plagiarist by Yann Beauvais (August 2019)

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In the Hold of Life by Jim Supanick (2015)

Looking Back, Looking Beyond: Two Films by Mike Hoolboom by Genevieve Yue (2015)

Mike Hoolboom by David Dinnell (Dec. 2014)

The Fringe Membrane 

by Adrian Martin (2014)

To the Wonder: The films of Mike Hoolboom by Michael Pattison (2014)

A Truthful Cocktail by Aleksander Huser (2013)

Spotlight on Mike Hoolboom by Donovan Aikman (2013)

Representing History by Hanan Toukan (2012)

Palestine Film Festival: Lacan Palestine by Laurie Tuffrey (2012)

Synchronize Your Senses by Michael Sicinski (2012)

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Describing the Indescribable by Marcel Jean (24 Images no. 159. Oct-Nov. 2012)

Musings on Public Lighting by Jason McBride (2012)

The Articulation of Trauma by Dirk DeBruyn (2012)

Mike Hoolboom by Petr Kubica (2011)

Mike Hoolboom wins Bell Award (2009)

Imitations by Mark Scala (Nashville, 2009)

Searching for the Invisible Man by Chris Kennedy (2009)

Old Traces on a New Body by Dirk de Bruyn (2009)

Best of by Cameron Bailey (Now Magazine, 2006)

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Mike Hoolboom by Esma Moukhtar (2005)

The Elegy of Blindness by Bob Black (2005)

Birth to Cinema: Mike Hoolboom’s Invisible Man by Philip Monk (2005)

The Invisible Man by Carla Garnet (2005)

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Film by Mark Caughlin (Manitoban, 1999)

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A short film about killing by Veronika Rall (1992)

The White Museum by Sarita Choudhoury (1987)